Hunter + Brumby= Another Perfect Pair

Last month I shared how perfectly the Jennifer Lauren Handmade Hunter Tank pairs with the Megan Nielsen Flint Pants, well this month I’m going to show you how perfectly the Hunter also pairs with the Megan Nielsen Brumby skirt!

Another match made in heaven right?!? I mentioned in my last post that I really struggle with tops that look good with all my high waisted handmade skirts and therefore rarely wear them. Well I made good on my promise to made a chambray Hunter to wear with all these skirts that are currently collecting dust!

I’ve said this many times before and I will continue saying it, I’m such a huge fan of all of Megan Nielsen’s patterns. The directions are well written and don’t leave you scratching your head, the construction is top notch, and they are patterns you will want to make (and wear) again and again. The Brumby checks off all these boxes and comes with 3 different views.¬†Version 1 is above the knee and includes pockets. It is best made with medium to heavy weight fabrics like denim or corduroy. I would love to find a nice denim to make version 1! Version 2 is midi length, includes deep scoop pockets and additional fullness. Version 3 is a basic knee length gathered skirt.

My eyelet skirt is version 3 with the length of version 2. I really love the deep scoop pockets in version 1 and 2, but those pockets would not have worked with my eyelet.

I think the Brumby has the perfect amount of gathers and was the perfect choice for this creamy eyelet fabric. I intentionally shortened the lining and sewed it up exactly the same as the skirt. I basted the lining together with the skirt at the waistline before attaching the waistband. The Brumby is actually meant to have an exposed zipper, but I couldn’t picture an exposed zipper with this eyelet. An invisible zipper was an easy switch. I did not want the zipper to show through the eyelet holes, so instead of attaching the zipper to just the outer skirt I attached it to both layers. I continued to sew the 2 layers together below the zippers as well. The lining is a cotton voile, making it super breathable for the summer. I can’t stand a poly lining this time of the year!

When choosing a size for your Brumby and really with any pattern you sew, make sure you check the finished garment sizes. I don’t know what I was thinking when I chose my size for this skirt, but it was huge and I ended up taking it down to an XS. It’s meant to be high waisted, so make sure your measuring yourself at your natural waist!

As for my 2nd Hunter, the only change I made was scooping out under the arms a tad. This chambray color fabric was such a smart choice. It matches almost everything! It was actually left over from my 3rd pair of Flints!

Now that I’ve finally figured out what to wear with my high waisted handmade skirts, I am dying to make a denim one or out of this linen lurex from Indiesew. I also really want another midi length one with those deep scoop pockets! Maybe out of one of the new Rifle Paper Company fabrics? The possibilities are endless with this pattern! Also, I saw on Indiesew’s Instagram that the tencel I used for my Flint pants in my last post might be coming back in stock. This would also be a great choice for the Brumby!

This post was brought to you as part of my participation in the Indiewsew Blogger Team. All thoughts, opinions, pattern and fabric choices are of course my own!




  1. Your post was so enlightening because it made me realize why I don’t like my Hollyburn skirt – it’s sits on my waist and not below, and I can’t find anything I like to wear with it! I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t like it on me but like it on everyone else. Thanks for posting this. Now off to check out the Hunter in a beautiful chambray.

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