Hunter and Flint- The Perfect Pattern Pairing

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have some exciting sewing plans for this weekend. If not, maybe I can give you some inspiration!

My first thought when Megan Nielsen released her Flint Pant pattern was, “Those are soooo cute on the model, but I doubt I can ever pull off that style”. Shortly there after, Indiesew released a new fabric collection and I fell in love with the idea of pairing two particular fabrics together to make a complete outfit. When planning my outfit, the strong desire to be able to rock the Flint’s came back to the surface, so I said what the heck and gave them a try!

Megan Nielsen Flint Pants and Jennifer Lauren Handmade Hunter Tank

And you know what? I’m glad I did, because I think I can totally pull them off despite my short stature! What do you think? I think there are surprisingly very figure flattering!

Picking the perfect top pattern to got with them was a no brainer. I have had my eye on the Jennifer Lauren Handmade Hunter Tank ever since I saw it on Allie J. See how those little flowers are a perfect match to the teal tencel. These 2 fabrics were just meant to be worn together!

Megan Nielsen Flint Pants and Jennifer Lauren Handmade Hunter Tank

Even more rewarding than finding this perfect fabric and pattern pairing, was how easy it was to sew it up. Another added bonus, the Flint pants fit me perfectly with absolutely no adjustments to the pattern, except for taking a whopping 4 inches off the length. I did make a wearable muslin before cutting into my precious teal tencel to check the fit. My previous pants making experiences have all required some type of adjustment, typically a full seat adjustment, so I was pleasantly surprised these fit so perfectly on the first go! To get my perfect fit I went in between a XS and S in the waist and S and M in the hips. This pair isn’t staying up quite as high on my waist as I would like, so I sized down to an XS for the chambray pair I just cut. Yes, I will have 3 pairs of Flint Pants, they are that amazing!

Megan Nielsen Flints Pants and Jennifer Lauren Handmade Hunter Tank

Now let’s talk about the perfect top to go with Flint (or any high waisted pants/skirts), the Hunter Tank. I strongly believe that if you want your Flint Pants to live up to their full potential, they really need to be worn with a crop top or fitted top that looks good tucked in. Surprisingly my overflowing closet lacks both of these. I am always struggling to find the right kind of top to wear with all my handmade skirts, so I end up never wearing them. The Hunter Tank is the answer to my wardrobe woes! After finishing this one, I promptly cut out another one out of some chambray. I’m hoping I’m going to be able to pair the chambray with pretty much all my handmade skirts that are currently collecting dust!

I went with a size 4 and graded out to a 6 through the waist. The only change I made for the next one was to scoop out under the arms a tad, which is a common change for me.

I am beyond thrilled with how this outfit turned out! The pants are so comfortable to wear, I feel like I’m in my pajamas. Tencel is also super breathable, making it perfect for the summer heat. I can’t wait to show you how my chambray pair turns out. I know I’ll also be getting a ton of use out of my chambray Hunter.

I think both of these patterns are appropriate for an advanced beginner. I do recommend sewing a muslin at least for the pants, because pants can be trickier to fit. You will definitely want to take your time with the rolled hem on the Hunter, because the ties flip around with wear and your stitching will be visible. Jennifer does a great job taking you step by step through the process of creating a rolled hem without a special rolled hem foot.

Sadly, the fabrics I used are now sold out on Indiesew, but you can get your hands on it in salmon (which I also purchased) and this new super pretty terra cotta color. While you are over at Indiesew, you can also grab your paper copy of Flint here and a PDF of Hunter here! If you decide to get your hands on some of the tencel, make sure you check out Allie’s blog post about tencel.

I received these amazing fabrics compliments of Indiesew as part of my participation in their blogger team. After receiving my fabric choices in the mail, I immediately got online and personally purchased a ton more, so you know I truly love them and all thoughts and opinions are clearly my own 🙂 Be on the lookout for the rest of my makes with these amazing fabrics and also in another color way!

One last thing, excuse the adorable pups making their presence in my pictures. I’m visiting my parent’s and my dog won’t let me out of her site while we are there. I left her there once while I went out of town for a weekend and she will never forget that. They of course spoiled her rotten while I was gone, but she loves her mommy and will never forgive me for leaving her!



  1. Gosh! Love the outfit, the top in particular, you look so pretty in them. The top reminds me of one by PaulineAlice, only her pattern is looser and longer but still with a tied front, have you ever tried any of her patterns, she’s another indie designer, based in Spain. I’ve bought a couple of her’s plus the Deer & Doe ones you loved (but have yet to muster up the confidence to sew them!)

    PS. Your golden Laurel is still one of my standout favourites and sticks in my mind more than any make I have seen or read about.

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