Wrapped Cardigan by Seamly

Hey strangers! Long time no see! You seeing me here that is:)

As I’m sure you’ve probably noticed (well at least I hope you’ve noticed), I haven’t been posting many sewing projects lately. I’ve been battling severe fatigue in my arms/hands and after visits to the hand specialist, a nerve conduction to study to rule out carpal tunnel, and Occupational Therapy we’ve come to the conclusion that my fatigue is from excessive amounts of sewing. Wahhhhh! Everyone’s bodies are built differently and for some reason when I “stoop” over my machine, ironing board, and cutting table for too long it causes inflammation throughout my nerves stemming from my thoracic opening. The inflamed nerves then cause fatigue in my arms/hands and hypersensitivity to vibrations and textures in my fingers. Since cutting way back on my time sewing, my symptoms have drastically decreased. I only let myself sew for short amounts of time with a couple days in between. When I do this, my symptoms are barely noticeable and go away within a day or two. If I’m being honest with myself, I really was spending too much time sewing. There are not enough days in a year to wear all the clothes in my closet! So right now my plan is to work my way back up to a happy medium and still be able to share some of my projects with you! Thanks for listening to my sob story, now lets get into the fun stuff!


I have been dying to make a Seamly Wrapped Cardigan ever since it was released as part of a collaboration with Seamly, a small clothing company located in Denver, Colorado. The reason why it took me so long is that it takes a lot of fabric, 3 yards to be exact! I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to invest my money in 3 yards of high quality knit fabric for a cardigan then it has to be for some really amazing fabric! I just could never find exactly what I was envisioning in any of my online stomping grounds. Then, Indiesew released this nude blush rib knit and it took me all of 2 seconds to click the checkout button to get 3 yards sent to me for the wrapped cardigan I had been dreaming of! Unfortunately it is no longer available, as such an amazing fabric didn’t stand a chance in staying on the Indiesew shelves for long. I have definitely learned that the hard way. If you waver too long on the checkout screen it will be gone for good and you will be left with extreme jealousy every time you see a project pop up in your Instagram feed with the fabric that was almost yours! My advice, just buy it, you won’t be sorry!seamlycardigan2

This fabric definitely did not disappoint. It is the perfect shade of nude with pink undertones. It’s super soft and the perfect match for the Wrapped Cardigan.


I really love the shape of the cardigan. I don’t know what it is about it, but I find it very figure flattering. The long length makes it the perfect cardigan to pair with leggings and hide all my least favorite parts of myself.  The cardigan is probably a tad too long for my short stature, so I’ll shorten it a couple inches for the next one. After making this one, I decided I love the design so much, that I need to add a plain old black one to my wardrobe. I know, all that time waiting to make an extra special wrapped cardigan and now I’m going to settle on making a black one….


My favorite way to wear it is casually with leggings and sneaks, as you see here, to take Piper for a stroll. Who says you can’t look cute while walking your dog?!? It also looks great with skinny jeans and booties with some height.


The Wrapped Cardigan is a quick and easy sew, with thorough directions. Really the hardest/most time consuming part is hemming it. I applied some iron on knit stabilizer before hemming it with my coverstitch machine. I highly recommend stabilizing your hem on light to medium weight fabrics to keep the hem from getting wavy. I also didn’t bother stitching down my facing. It is such a wide facing that it stays tucker under nicely and you can’t tell with all the excess fabric in the front. I did stitch it down with my hem to help keep it under. I sewed an XS, made no adjustments to the fit, and it fits perfectly.

I think this Wrapped Cardigan by Seamly is the perfect piece to add to your spring wardrobe. It’s so easy to pop it over any top for a cool spring day!

This post is brought to you as part of my participation in the Indiesew blogger team. All thoughts and opinions are of course my own!




  1. So glad a diagnosis was finally made as to what was going on! Missed seeing you on your Youtube channel! Love all of your makes! Take care!!

  2. Glad you’re back! Hope you can find the best way to still sew but not have any of the sewing related pains. My hip has been freaking out lately whenever I go on multiple consecutive long days of sewing, so I know about needing to cut back.
    This fabric is really nice and it’s definitely a beautiful colour.

  3. I’m sorry to hear about the medical issues you’ve been dealing with! I’ve read many of your posts and have gotten a lot of sewing inspiration from them. I remember reading a post in which you said you had gotten a new sewing machine that does really well with knits. Would you be willing to share with me what machine you use? Since taking up sewing in Oct. I’ve been using a 1970 Singer that I got at a garage sale complete with all the feet and other accessories. For the most part it’s worked fine. However, a problem has cropped up with it and I’m thinking it might be time for a new machine.

    • Thanks Jen! I have a Viking sewing machine. I’m not at home right now and I can’t think of the model off hand. Send me a message on Instagram about the model that way I don’t forget to get back to you!

  4. Your hem looks great!! I need to get some iron on stabilizer–I have been wearing my waterfall raglan unhemmed because it’s too fine to use my double needle on. Sorry to hear about your hand problems, get well soon!

  5. I am glad that you are feeling better. Bummer about sewing being the issue, but I guess everything in moderation!

  6. Quite honestly if I made clothes, I’d make one in every color! Especially black! I don’t really enjoy wearing black but it does seem to go with everything when you need an extra layer. I have a long (store bought) gold and cream one. I got it on massive sale and I am constantly surprised at how many colors it goes with. Great finish!

    • Thanks! You should totally start sewing clothes! It’s so much fun! I rarely wear black either, but when I do I feel so chic. I still haven’t made my black version, but I will get to it!

  7. Beautiful piece! Your choices make this design shine.

    I am just starting to think about sewing something other than a quilt. Your site is really inspirational.

    Very sorry to hear you need to cut back on your sewing, but it’s very good you figured out how to arrange things so you are not in pain.

    Sending good thoughts and thanks for sharing.

  8. Oh no, there’s really sad news, I can see how easily it can happen though as when I do too much I get back pain, although my kids mean I can’t sew as much as I’d like but maybe that’s a blessing in disguise?? I hope you have found/are still doing something crafty. Your cardigan is lovely, it looks so lovely wear and very flattering. It’s so hard to find decent knit fabric.

  9. Hi Abbey, so sorry to hear about the fatigue in your arms and hands – best wishes for your recovery and reaching your happy medium. The cardigan is really lovely and i agree a basic black version would be a great wardrobe addition.

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