Indiesew Fall/Winter Collection Blog Tour + Special Video Tutorial!

Happy Thursday everyone! I don’t think I’ve ever been this exited to share my Indiesew makes with you. You already know I am a huge Indiesew fan, but my fandom went through a major upgrade after their release of the fall/winter pattern collection and fabric batch! I have already sewn up 4 projects from the collection and have fabric ready to go for 5 more projects! The patterns included in this collection are just so versatile, practical, and all coordinate perfectly together. On top of all those positives, they are simply ME, my style!

So which of my 4 projects should I share with your first? I think I’ll start with my favorite, the Lonetree Jacket and Vest. This project is not just my favorite of the 4, it is my favorite project ever. Not only is it not just my favorite project ever, but my favorite project ever times about 10!


indiesewfallwinter2016-5 indie-sew-fallwinter-2016-1

The Lonetree is Allie Olson’s, the owner of Indiesew, first pattern. Yes, I said FIRST pattern. She’s obviously been hiding some crazy talented pattern drafting skills. I think she better keep growing this talent of hers! This is by far the most RTW looking item I’ve ever made. I can’t get over how professional the end result looks! Don’t be too imitated by how pro my finished product looks though, because it really isn’t as hard to make as you would think. You just need to take your time pressing precise points on your pockets and making your topstitching perfect. After the pockets are done, it comes together pretty effortlessly. As to be expected, there are lots of steps when putting together a jacket or a vest, but I found each step extremely satisfying to complete. I think it was because I could already tell how awesome the finished project was going to be. The directions are also very thorough, so I didn’t spend anytime scratching my head.


I chose gold hardware for my vest and I love that it makes it look a little “fancier”. I ordered my zipper from zipperstop. Zipperstop is a great source for zippers. If they don’t have the length you need, for an extra $1 you can have the zipper customized to the exact length. They also have a huge selection of colors and ship pretty quickly. My eyelets are from Joann’s and are actually smaller (1/4 inch) than the required size. I couldn’t find the right size anywhere and I really wanted a gold eyelet instead of a button hole. The drawstring fits just fine through the eyelet, but I could only get a super tiny safety pin through the hole. I find that the tiny safety pins like to pop open, so I just wrapped some tape around it and was able to slowly work it through the casing. I do think the extra time it took was totally worth it though! I found my cord stops, cord ends, and drawstring on Pacific Trimming. If you use their 4mm cotton drawstring cord (which they carry in a ton of colors) then you will also want to get their 4mm cord stops and cord ends. They carry gold, silver, and antique brass. I couldn’t find this hardware anywhere else and spent way longer searching than I’m willing to admit, so you are very welcome in advance for this resource 😉


I also decided to finish the edges of my facing with Liberty bias tape. These pretty little flowers on the inside of my vest make me way happier than such a small detail should, but that’s just what Liberty fabric does to a girl. I actually love this addition so much that I ordered some more for the other 2 Lonetrees I have planned. Yep, I already have fabric washed and ready to go for 2 more. Don’t be too shocked, I told you it was my favorite pattern times 10!


The Lonetree is meant to be a more fitted jacket/vest, so you will want to take this into consideration when choosing a size. Allie wrote a great post on selecting a size and I’m so glad I read it before cutting into my pattern. I ended going with a small in the bust and grading out to the medium through the waist and hips. I absolutely love the fit and wouldn’t change a thing! Cotton twill is the perfect fabric for the Lonetree. Unfortunately, my navy twill is sold out on Indiesew, but you can still get your hands on the army green twill offered in the kit or the sienna twill. Both colors are great choices!  I purchased the sienna for a pair of Chi-Town Chino Pants and used the army green for my skirt you see here. Speaking of my skirt, I should probably stop raving about my vest and move on to my skirt or you guys will be here all day!


This is the Chi-Town Chino Skirt by Alina Design Co. This pattern was also Alina’s first release and it includes a shorts version. She has since released an extension pack for pants, which I mentioned earlier that I will be making with the sienna twill. The Chi-Town skirt is a mid-rise, semi-fitted, and very practical skirt. It’s the perfect pattern for twills, corduroy, sateen, and denim. Just like my Lonetree, the Chi-Town can’t be told apart from RTW with all its belt loops, topstitching, and bar tacks. I used Alina’s tutorial for inserting the fly zipper and was blown away by how easy she made it. This skirt also looks great with just about every top you can imagine. It looks fab with my vest, a button-up, and as you will see in just a second…


…it’s perfect with the Toaster Sweater #2 by Sew House 7. The Toaster Sweater features a slit boatneck, side vents with mitered corners, and is packed full of warm happy snuggly feelings.


This was my first time sewing a Sew House 7 pattern. I was impressed by the quality of her directions and can’t wait to sew more Toasters! I used a medium weight french terry that I picked up at Metro Textile last fall in NYC. The stripes made an other wise pretty quick and easy sew take a little longer, but the finished project was definitely worth the extra work!

Ok, are you ready for an extra special treat? As you can see, I’m wearing a 2nd version of the Chi-Town Chino skirt with my Toaster Sweater out of camel corduroy from Indiesew.  In Alina’s directions she talks a lot about fit and recommends doing a Full Seat Adjustment (FSA) over grading between sizes if your waist measurement is smaller than your hips. I of course decided to ignore her recommendations and did my standard grading between sizes for my army green version. The finished project is fine, totally wearable, and the fit issue is probably not noticeable to a lot of people. I noticed the fit issue though. I also knew it was a pattern I wanted to make a lot more of and therefore wanted it to fit perfectly. I tried it on for Lindsey, my other half over at Inside the Hem, and we decided a FSA was a must! Why am I telling you all this? Well, we decided to film a tutorial so you can easily do a FSA on your chi-town too!


See how the fabric flairs out below my bum on the army green version versus the perfectly fitting corduroy version? Like I said, the army green skirt it totally wearable, but the fit on the corduroy version is perfectly altered to fit my bubble bum! In the video we discuss whether you are a candidate for a FSA based on measurements. I have a feeling a lot of you will be a member of our “bubble booty” club, so check it the video tutorial here!

Anyways, enough talk about bums! I hope you are loving the Indiesew collection as much as I am and I have inspired you to get sewing. I’m anxious to try a FSA on my Chi-Town Chino pants, which done completely different then on the skirt. I also have plans for the Bonn Shirt, but first I want to get started on my next 2 Lonetrees! Based on my post, I obviously recommend all the patterns, so I highly suggest purchasing the full bundle to save some dollars!

Make sure you check out the rest of the blog tour for even more inspo!


Indiesew 2016 Fall/Winter Collection Blog Tour


I was provided these patterns by Indiesew for the blog tour. All thoughts and opinions are always my own!



  1. They are all so so good!! I have all the patterns in the bundle and I hope to make each one at least once this winter. Your versions are just fantastic and I would wear each one myself 🙂

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