Style Maker Fabrics Fall Style Blog Tour

Happy Hump Day! If you have been watching our YouTube channel or follow me on Instagram, then you might have gathered that I have become obsessed with Style Maker Fabrics! Michelle offers a huge selection of high quality fabrics that is comparable to walking around the NYC fabric district. She has just released her fall fabric collection and I didn’t think it was possible, but my love for her online shop has grown even bigger (and my bank account smaller).

I participated in the Spring Blog Tour and am so glad Michelle asked me back to join the Fall Style Tour! Once again, it was really tough to choose my fabrics for the tour. I wanted the whole collection! In the end I settled on two very different, but equally amazing fabrics.

First up is a very unique rayon twill. You guys know I love elephants right? Well, I also pretty much like any fabric that has some type of animals printed on it. Therefore, when I spotted these zebras I knew they had to be mine!


I recently discovered rayon twill fabric and let me tell you, it is amazing! It’s definitely my new favorite. It has the soft feel and drape of a rayon challis, but with a twill weave. This particular rayon twill has a slight sheen to it and feels a little more silky than some others I’ve sewn.


This fabric was a tab bit trickier to sew with than a rayon challis. I think it’s silkier feel had something to do with it. I might also be feeling this way since I decided to sew the Sanibel Dress by Hey June Patterns, which is a more intermediate pattern. Plackets, collars, cuffs, and button holes can make anything that’s not a basic cotton seem more difficult to sew. If you are a beginner and are considering purchasing this fabric, I would pick a pattern with simple construction, such as a flowy blouse, tank, or elastic waist skirt.


If you’ve been following me long enough to know I love elephants, then you’re probably also able to take a guess at the type of fabric I picked for my next project….



French terry! I have such a french terry obsession and when you take french terry and weave polka dots through it…perfection! I also really love grey french terry. For some reason grey just makes me feel warm and cozy.


This french terry came out of my dryer and was ready to be cut without even pressing first. The more I sew the more I love to work with a fabric that doesn’t wrinkle like crazy. It was also super easy to sew with on my serger.


This french terry is a little more lightweight and pretty stable, making it the perfect choice for a hoodie, sweatpants, sweatshirt dress, or long sleeve tee. I was torn on what I wanted to make, but felt like I would get the most use out of a lighter weight hoodie. However, I loved this fabric so much I bought enough to also make myself a pair of True Bias Hudson Sweatpants. I will also be combining it with the stripes you see on the inside of the hood to make a top. Don’t laugh, I told you I love french terry!


It gets so hot here in Charleston that I think my love for french terry stems from the relief from the heat and humidity. For me, a cool evening walk with Piper that requires me to put on a hoodie makes me the happiest girl alive. My husband comes in from work much later than me and he always makes fun of me when I ask if it has cooled down enough for me to put on a hoodie for our walk. I know that seems silly, but I’m serious. It’s the simple things!


At the last minute, I decided to sew a pair of denim colored Hudson sweatpants to go with my new hoodie. I picked up this fabric in NYC, but found a very similar fabric on Style Makers’ site. In fact, there is actually a whole section labeled “athletic chic“, which is so my style!

I hope you guys are enjoying following the Style Maker Fabrics Fall Blog Tour. Make sure you check out what Teresa from Dandelion Drift has to share with you tomorrow!



  1. Super makes, your top looks so gorgeous and cosy and would be perfect for the weather I have here, your dress looks great too, it reall suits you and both the fabrics look awesome, I’ve just been on their website and there’s lots of yummy ones I could snap up if I didn’t live in England.

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