Grainline Studio Lakeside Pajamas

Happy Sunday friends! My summer vacation has come to an end, but I got to spend my last couple of weeks sewing all the patterns on my Indiesew wish list. I have tons of finished projects that I can’t wait to share with you!

First up, is my first handmade pajama set. I can’t believe I’ve never sewn my own pajama set before! I’ve had the lakeside pajamas on my to-sew list forever, but the perfect fabric was really the only thing holding me back. If I’m going to spend the time making something that only my husband will see (well and now you guys, lol) then it better be something that beats anything I can find in the RTW market. If I had all the time in the world to sew, then maybe I wouldn’t have waited so long for the perfect fabric to come along. Anyways, I know your dying to see what I consider the perfect pajama fabric so I’ll hush and let you scroll down…..


Please excuse the poor lighting of my indoor pictures. We don’t have a backyard and it is a million degrees here in Charleston. I’m not joking, sometimes I think we might as well live in the jungle. Also, I love sharing my finished project with you guys, but I think I have to draw the line when it comes to photographing myself in pajamas on the sidewalks of downtown Charleston. I tried to do my best with the lighting. My house is brightest at a specific time of the day and my husband happened to be gone both Saturday and Sunday at this time. I resorted to taking these with a tripod and self timer, hence why part of my head seems to be missing at times. I definitely have a greater appreciation for my husband/amateur photographer after taking these. Like I said, I tried my best!


I am happy to say that waiting for the perfect fabric was well worth it. I am so in love with how my pajamas turned out. I found my so called “handmade pajama worthy fabric” at Style Maker Fabrics. If you’ve been following me on social media for awhile now, then you know I’m obsessed with elephant fabric. This rayon challis fabric is so unbelievably soft to touch! Who doesn’t love a pair of buttery soft pajamas!


I didn’t buy extra fabric to make self bias, because I knew I wanted to do a contrast color. I tossed around the idea of making my own for about a second and then decided against it when I discovered this green store bought bias was a great match. I really don’t care for store bought bias, but I’m not very good at making my own and making 7 yards of it seemed like a daunting task at the time.


My favorite detail is the crossover back. I think the border print really plays up this detail. I like how the boxers also feature the bias tape. It really helps tie the two together. I also think the cut of the boxers and addition of the bias tape is a little figure slimming. The pajamas come together easily and the directions are detailed enough that a beginner will do just fine. As to be expected, the bias takes extra time and you will need to go slow to keep your stitches looking nice and neat. Jen mentions being careful not to stretch your bias as you sew or you will gather your hems. I tried to be careful not to do this, but still ended up with some slight gathering. I will be even more careful of this next time (when I find my perfect fabric for a second pair). I sewed a size 4 in the top and a 6 in the boxers. I was between sizes for my hip measurement and am very glad I decided to go up in size. I think a size 4 would have been too small. For your reference, I am 32.5 (bust), 27 (waist), and 37 (hips).

So there you have it. My first handmade pajama set! I’ve been wearing them a ton and look forward to coming across more “handmade pajama worthy fabric”!

This post is brought to you on behalf of my participation in the Indiesew Blogger Team! All thoughts and opinions are of course my own!


  1. I loving your new set (I’ve not made sleepwear either but this needs to change) your fabric looks amazing and love contrast of the black shorts with green bias. The look so comfy especially with that back split. I think I need some of these instead of what I currently wear.

  2. Oh woweee. So cute, I love the print and it looks lovely on you. I hope your hubby enjoys them too!
    Don’t worry about the headless pics, people do that intentionally so if you hadn’t mentioned it, I wouldn’t have noticed.
    (yup, late to catch up on people’s makes as always…)

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