Valentine’s Day Makes….Better Late Than Never!

Hey guys! I hope you had a very special Valentine’s Day! Hopefully you caught this video earlier this week, because I just now realized I forgot to share it with you here. While I do think these makes are perfect for Valentine’s day, they would of course be great for many special occasions. Did any of you wear handmade this Valentine’s Day? I would love to hear about it!


  1. We were busy on Valentine’s day with 2 of our kids gymnastics meets but went for dinner last Friday. I went with what I was wearing that day for the house, not good 😦 I want to upscale my handmade wardrobe as I read recently in a different blog and your suggestions are great. I particularly like the Saiph Tunic, maybe for next dinner date πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Abby. So glad you are doing videos. In your last one, you asked for ideas. I spend tons of time on-line looking information up, watching you-tubes, etc and it is hard to find information on “linings” in one place. I think a video on how to do different types of linings, i.e. in a skirt with a facing, skirt with a waist band, dress with bodice lining only or full lining, etc. Anyway just a thought! Also, in the second video, showing the full length of the garments would be helpful! Good luck and love your seeing all of your pics on your blog.

    • Thanks for the idea! That would make for a great video! Are you referring to the sweatshirt video? If so, there should have been a little box that showed up in the top right corner that was showing the garment in full length as I talked.

  3. I’ve been binging on your YouTube channel! I really loved the sweatshirt video! I was hoping to get some advice: I have 2 meters of a Liberty of London French Terry I’ve been hoarding (too scared to cut–it was a vacation splurge from our visit to England last year). I was hoping to make a slightly dressier style sweater to go with the floral print. I like the cowl neck of the Halifax, but I also like the Lola pattern since it’s a dress. I’m open to other patterns (I’ve made a few Tulip Tops from Blank Slate Patterns & was considering that, but I’m not totally sure). What pattern (I’m open to anything!) would you recommend?

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