Selfish Sewing Week

Happy almost Friday everyone! I’m excited to back again participating in yet another Selfish Sewing Week with Indiesew and Imagine Gnats!


It took me exactly zero seconds to decide on which pattern I wanted to sew up from the Indiesew website for this fall’s selfish sewing week blog hop. I have had my eye on the Laurelhurst pattern and have been dying for the weather to cool down so I could sew one up (or like 5).


I am the queen of cardigans! I am always freezing at work, so I pretty much always have at least 3 draped over the back of my desk chair. There is also nothing I love more than needing to throw on a cardigan on a cool fall day. Therefore, I don’t feel very selfish for already sewing up 3 of these for myself and ordering fabric for many many more.


The Laurelhurst is also such a ridiculously quick and easy cardigan to sew, therefore further justifying the need/want to sew so many of them.


You can pretty much use any knit fabric you fancy for this cardigan. The two in this post are sewn with a medium weight knit that is not super drapey. I have also sewn one with a lighter weight drapier fabric. I think I prefer the medium weight knit better as I like the fullness you get where the fabric drapes in the front.


The directions have you leave the hem and front opening of the cardigan unhemmed, since knits don’t unravel. I am totally cool with leaving this cardigan unhemmed. The edges of the knit fabric I chose for the 3 I have sewn up don’t roll at all, so my edges look just fine. I did order fabric to make some more and the edges of those knits are rolling terribly. If I decide to use them for the Laurelhurst, I’ll probably end up hemming. Luckily, Indiesew did a great blog post on how to hem the Laurelhurst. I’ll be referring to this if I decide not to be lazy 🙂

The Laurelhurst is a great beginner project, especially since I think hemming knits is the hardest part of sewing with knits for beginners. Kimberly’s directions are also very thorough.

I hope you all are selfishly sewing away this week! If you feel like you just don’t have enough time to sew for yourself this week, I promise you can squeeze a Laurelhurst into a naptime! Do it!!!

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