Dreamer Tee

Happy fall ya’ll! I have been sewing up tons of new tops for the fall, even though is sure doesn’t feel like fall yet in Charleston. Wishful thinking I guess? Fall is my favorite and also the season that is lacking the most handmade clothing.


One of my latest fall projects is this super cute sweater knit Dreamer Tee by See Kate Sew. You can find it on the Indiesew website along with quite a few of Kate’s other patterns.


I found this sweater knit at Wanderlust forever ago. I used it to make the Colette Oslo Cardigan (which I’ve never worn again after a kid asked my why I was wearing my bathrobe) and had exactly the right amount left over for the Dreamer tee. It was meant to be!


The Dreamer Tee is a ridiculously easy top to sew and sooooo fast! It’s also so comfortable! I think you need to be careful what fabric you choose for it. I made another one out of really drapey heather grey fabric and I looked like a sloppy mess. I think it’s absolutely perfect out of a sweater knit and I will be shopping around online for some more. I’m also wondering what it would look like in a french terry.


Maybe know that I’ve blogged about this top it will cool down so I can wear it! Let’s hope! Actually, now that I’m looking at the pictures, I guess the colors in this floral sweater knit would also be perfect for an early spring day. Or maybe a cool summer evening way up North where it actually gets cool in the evening?

I was provided a pattern of my choosing as part of the Indiesew blogger team. All thoughts and opinions are of course my own!


  1. the dreamer tee is really cute on you!
    LOL! “never worn again after a kid asked my why I was wearing my bathrobe” – ha! ha! I needed a good laugh this monday morning…

  2. I love the Oslo you made out of that beautiful fabric. Make an Oslo for your kid if old enough that way he/she will know why you love it. Your Oslo is one reason why I will be making one for myself.

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