The Sew Fab Pattern Sale- Winter Women’s Bundle

Sew Fab Winter 2014 Header

Have you guys heard of the Sew Fab Pattern Sale before? It’s a special event that happens twice a year where you can buy a bundle of great PDF patterns for super cheap! Well, there is something special about the bundle that was released on December 5th….it’s made up of 10 unreleased women’s patterns! Crazy exciting right?!?!

Winter 2014 Sale Large Collage

For 29.95 you get 10 new PDF patterns, which are mostly made for knits to keep you comfy and cozy during the winter months! Lucky for me, I was asked to participate in showing off some patterns from this bundle! It was a tough choice, but I decided to go with the Margot Dress by Violet Field Threads (3rd from the left on the top row). 025

Yes, my Margot looks quite a bit different than the one in the picture. The ruffle in this pattern is optional, but it wasn’t left off by choice. More on that in a minute. I chose this beautiful, soft, and very drapey bamboo knit that I got at Mood on my fabric shopping girl’s trip to NYC. Speaking of NYC, check out my friends post about our awesome trip. It will pretty much be your go-to reference if your planning a fabric shopping to trip to NYC! Anyways, that beautiful fabric I was talking about…yeah…way too drapey for that heavy ruffle. It looked awful! So sad…I wanted that ruffle so bad! I even had to shorten the length of my sleeves just so I would have enough fabric for the ruffle. After some serious ruffle surgery (I even called my husband in for some emotional support before chopping), I actually really love how my dress turned out. It’s of course on the short side, so leggings are a must, but I’m kinda liking that it’s short because I love how it looks with the leggings and my sweater UGG boots.


I’m not usually a fan of purple. Now that I think of it, this might be the only purple clothing I own, but there is something about this shade of purple that I just absolutely love!

026 031


Love this hemline, with or without the ruffle that I dreamed of! I’ll be wearing the exact outfit to work tomorrow with the addition of a long chunky black cardigan. Mondays are always a little better when you get to wear a new handmade dress!

So the thing about this bundle is that it’s only available for a very limited time. You only have until December 15th! Check out this link to read all the details and to enter a really awesome giveaway! I’ll be back before the sale ends to share with you another make from the bundle!


  1. Sorry about the ruffle drama! That color looks great on you! And thanks for the mention, can’t wait to go back again sometime! And for your next make… Bottom right? 😉 hehe!

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