Make It Perfect Skippy

After blogging my Coastal Breeze Dress for the Make It Perfect Pattern Parade, Toni emailed me asking me if I would also like to try her newest pattern, the Skippy Dress. Since I loved how my Coastal Breeze Dress turned out I quickly agreed! Make It Perfect Skippy 002 Make It Perfect Skippy 004 Make It Perfect Skippy 006Make It Perfect Skippy 005 Make It Perfect Skippy 008

Well you might have noticed that my Skippy Dress is not quite a dress. After receiving the pattern, I really started thinking how I would love to make the Skippy as a sweatshirt instead of a dress. My handmade dresses are really outnumbering my handmade tops in my closet and my life lately lends itself more to jeans and a comfy top (when I’m not at my real job). I ran my idea by Toni first and she was all for me making a Skippy sweatshirt. Thanks Toni!

You also might have noticed that this fabric combo is a repeat from my Colette Moneta Dress. I only started with 1 1/2 yards of each of these fabrics and I still have more of each left over even after also making myself a Briar top with it (something else I need to share). It’s the knit fabric that just keeps giving!

To make the Skippy a top instead of a dress, the only change I needed to make was to widen the band a couple of inches and then fold it in half lengthways to attach it. The band is a little too snug to pull it down to where I would really like it to sit, so I would add a little more width in this area next time. I was also feeling a little lazy and didn’t bother adding the neck band. I just turned the raw edge over 1/2 inch and it looks just fine.

I really love how my sweatshirt turned out and it was such an easy sew. I’m especially in love with the fun kangaroo pocket that allowed me to play with pattern mixing, which is my favorite thing to do. It would be super cute as a dress as well. The pattern includes short, 3/4, and long sleeves all finished with a band, which I was also too lazy to add. I was so tempted to add the cowl neck to mine as I am a huge fan of a cowl, but it won’t be cowl weather here in Charleston until maybe late November and I want to wear my sweatshirt now! For those of you that are Mamas, there is also a mini me Skippy called the Joey….too cute!

Thanks to Toni of Make It Perfect for providing me with this great new pattern. Although this pattern was given to me, all of my opinions are of course my own!




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