Colette Moneta

Colette Moneta 001

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I’ve really been into sewing with knits the past couple of weeks. Summer in Charleston is so hot and I really just want to be in something that is comfy, breathable, less fitted, and less restricting. So far I’ve made this Colette Moneta, 3 Colette Mabels (really need to get some pics of them), 2 Megan Nielsen Briar tops, and another See Kate Sew Penelope Peplum. I’ve had a hard time getting pictures of my makes lately. Most of my evenings have been spent in gym clothes at the beach or at the dog park. It’s hot, so my hair is usually up and I’m not wearing a lot of make-up. I’m on summer break and I just don’t feel like getting fixed up!

I’m really excited about my Moneta, so I fixed myself up and made a point to get some pics. I purchased the floral fabric from Girl Charlee and the polka dots from The Fabric Fairy. I had planned to make the entire dress out of the polka dots, but I was pre-washing a load of knits and I saw the 2 together as I took them out of the dryer. I fell in love with how they looked together and I’m so happy with the finished product. I sewed up a size small and the fit is great! I even learned a couple new techniques from Colette while making this dress. The skirt is gathered using clear elastic, which made for very consistent gathers and a more stable waistline. The bodice is also fully lined and uses a neat trick to cleanly finish the armholes. You can find more information about these techniques on the Colette blog. The extra pictures on the blog really helped me make sure I was doing the technique correctly. This such a comfortable dress and so easy to wear during the hot summer months. It will of course look cute with a cardigan (maybe hot pink?) for the cooler months. I just ordered some knit fabric from Wanderlust to make another one! I really want to add the collar to one and I’ll definitely be adding the sleeves for some dresses in the fall.

Colette Moneta 015

Piper is not digging the heat either!


  1. This dress is gorgeous! i really love your fabric combination. I just bought the Moneta pattern and can’t wait to try it (I’m holding out for Sew Caroline’s knits).

  2. Love the contrast of the polka dots and florals. Looks great! Will look forward to seeing your others, though totally understand the need for some downtime from hair and makeup 🙂

  3. Love this dress!!!! So pretty! Your print pairing was spot on. I too have unphotographed makes but with summer, I’m finding it hard to find a photographer.

  4. I tried sewing with knits one time and made a mess of it. I am going to schedule a lesson so I can try again! We are headed to Charleston tomorrow! It is our favorite city! Our daughter has a photo shoot Friday evening. If you have any suggestions for great places to take photos, let me know! Blessings! Susan

  5. Love your combinations! What a cool idea. I just made my first sort of Moneta – red ITY, I actually cut out a Lady Skater but the size I picked by my high bust was really long and rather big – neck was done, sleeves set in – so I grabbed my just arrived Moneta and trimmed the bodice and it fit straight out of the medium – woohoo!.
    I found the elastic really hard to attach to the skirt, so I kept the Lady skater thing of attaching it to the bodice waist edges.
    I’m about to make another one, with a fabric collar.
    But tell me – is yours a sticky heat? Like ours in Malta? Because I can hardly bear knits right now! All I want to wear is lightweight linen and lawn – the problem with those is they need ironing – not nice in the heat:(.

    Piper is adorable. My cats feel the same, and are about to be shorn of their long thick white coats…..poor little things.

  6. Hi there,
    That really is a very awesome fabric combination! I am really interested in the clear elastic you mentioned. I am about to make another Out and About dress – would you recommend the technique? Any tricks? Once you gather the skirt onto the elastic how did you attach the skirt and bodice? Any advice would be great!! Thank YOU

    • Thanks! I really did like this technique. The gathers were much more even. I marked 4 points to help stretch the elastic evenly (2 side seams and front and back center). I would use a clip to hold the elastic at each point and then make sure you only stretch the elastic, not your fabric (that would be a disaster). Once you gather with the elastic you just attach the bodice to the skirt as usual. Hope this helps!

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