New Indie Pattern Designer- Selvage Designs and the Foxglove Tank

Hey guys! I am so excited to finally get to talk about the newest indie pattern designer, Lauren Dahl of Selvage Designs. Lauren and I first crossed paths when she graciously mailed me some knit fabric I fell in love with on her Instagram feed. I turned that knit fabric into this lady skater dress, only to find out she had also used the same fabric for her own lady skater dress. Great minds truly think alike and let me tell you….Lauren really has a GREAT mind when it comes to pattern drafting, direction writing, and illustration drawing! She has such great attention to detail that you are never left questioning a step in a direction or a new technique. I am so glad I was able to experience this high quality and professional pattern drafting/writing (her awesomeness could also be due to the fact that she teaches online classes on how to draft patterns using adobe illustrator) when I tested her first women’s pattern, the Foxglove Tank!

The Foxglove Tank is a racerback tank with a hi-lo hem that can be made out of knit or woven fabric. Lauren also includes directions for tons of ways to customize your tank to your liking.

Foxglove tank by Selvage Designs 005 Foxglove tank by Selvage Designs 006 Foxglove tank by Selvage Designs 012 Foxglove tank by Selvage Designs 013 Foxglove tank by Selvage Designs 014

I made my first version out of some beautiful voile from Pat Bravo’s Rapture collection. This version is a tad too tight as I was the first one to jump on making a woven version and we quickly discovered you need to size up if using woven. Oh well, I still love and I’m really the only one that can tell it’s too tight. I could also fix it by scooping out under the arms if I really felt like it, but I’m fine with it for now.

Foxglove tank by Selvage Designs V (6) Foxglove tank by Selvage Designs V (5) Foxglove tank by Selvage Designs V (4) Foxglove tank by Selvage Designs V (3)

I sized up for my second version and the fit is spot on! I love that this top takes barely any fabric. I think it calls for 7/8 of a yard for 55-60 inch wide fabric, but if your you are super clever than you can squeeze it out of even less 🙂 I was able to squeeze this version out of some left over fabric from my April Rhodes party dress. I didn’t have quite enough so I paired it with some navy voile I happened to have in my stash. It was a meant to be!

I discovered about a week into Me Made May that I was in desperate need of some more everyday handmade tops. I love making and wearing dresses, but it gets old real fast when you are wearing one every day. The Foxglove came at just the right time. It’s the perfect everyday summer tank, but there is nothing boring about it. You could also pair it with a cardigan and wear it all year long. I love the racerback look and the hi-lo hem is also a nice detail. The neck and armholes are finished with bias, making this a super fast and easy sew!

The Foxglove Tank will be released on the 16th, but is now available for pre-order on a really cool new website for indie pattern designers, Indie Sew. Have you heard of it yet? It’s awesome! When you click on a pattern in the shop you are able to see others versions of the pattern and you can share your creation too! No more “google imaging” a pattern to see what it looks like in other fabrics and body types! Lots of the pattern testers have already added their creations to the site, so you will be able to see lots of awesome versions of this tank. If you pre-order the Foxglove tank pattern on the Indie Sew site then you will receive a 15% off discount code for your next purchase! The pattern will be available exclusively on the Indie Sew website until June 29th. After that you will be able to still get the pattern on the Indie Sew website, but it will also be available for purchase on Selvage Designs.

I just finished making a knit version of this top out of some left over fabric from another project. Such a great scrap/stash busting project making for an all around gratifying sew!



  1. Oh that first foxglove tank! I’ve been putting that fabric in my cart for the past few months (you know…wishful shopping!) I really must take the plunge! It’s lovely!

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