Me Made May 2014- Week 2 Roundup

Happy Sunday! I had hoped to be sharing my Sewaholic Gabriola with you today with my week 2 roundup, but I’ve been spending all my time taking care of Piper. I came home from work on Wednesday to a very upset and scared pup who crawled her way to me and climbed in my lap (she never sits in my lap). She had done major damage to a hot spot while I was at work to the point where it was bleeding. We had to take her to the vet and she has been traumatized ever since. Therefore, we’ve been keeping a close eye on her to avoid the dreaded “cone of shame” or in Piper’s case…the inflatable doughnut. I’m a super light sleeper, so I’ve been sleeping on the couch with her so I can hear if she starts licking it. My husband has also been pampering her with chicken on the grill, since we can’t get her to eat. I know..I know..we are spoiling her, but what can we say…we love our fur baby! Anyways, I still managed to wear something handmade every day this week and I had an opportunity to pattern test a pair of shorts that I just couldn’t pass up. More on the shorts to come!

I have blogged about all of these makes, so check out my posts to read more about them!

Day 5: Pattern- Self drafted knit waistband skirt, Fabric: Anna Maria Horner Rayon Challis

photo 1-2

Day 6: Pattern- Sew Caroline Circle Skirt tutorial, Fabric: Amy Butler Sketchbook in Cream Voile

photo 5-1 photo 1-4

Day 7: Pattern- Sewaholic Saltspring, Fabric: Anna Maria Horner Rayon Challis in Specimen in Brazil

photo 2-4

Day 8: Pattern- Deer and Doe Belladone, Fabric: Leah Duncan for Art Gallery, Quietude in Dusk

photo 4-2

Day 9: Pattern- Sewaholic Pendrell, Fabric: coral swiss dot that I think I found at Hancock

photo 5-3

Day 10: Pattern- Grainline Studio Maritime Shorts, Fabric: Trenna Travis – Becco – Parquet in Navy

maratime shorts

That’s a wrap! Now to go finish those shorts for day 11!




  1. I love all the clothes you make, they are all so cute and especially in your XS size.

    But, I have to ask, where did you find the iPhone wallet?


  2. sorry to hear about Piper 😦 hope she is feeling better. We go see Dr. Patrick on Meeting street and were just there last week and there were a bunch of dogs with hot spots in the waiting room. its this dang charleston heat. She deserves some Frosty Paws (its Bacon flavored doggie approved ice cream…Publix sells in the freezer section).

    • Thanks! She is slowly getting better. I couldn’t get her to eat anything today, but a cheesy egg and if a piece didn’t have enough cheese on it then she wouldn’t eat it. 😦 She’s refusing most of her favorite treats and of course won’t touch her dog food. Do you like Dr. Patrick? I’m thinking about looking for a new vet. I’ll have to give the bacon flavored ice cream a try!

      • yes he is great. and his prices are really good too. they don’t do appointments, its first come -first serve, so sometimes you have to wait a bit to be seen but I think its worth it.

  3. Great week of me-mades! I really love the prints that you choose. We had a retriever that suffered from hot spots from time to time and it’s not fun for anyone! (We found out he was allergic to chicken and corn.) Hope she feels better soon and that you can get some sleep!

    • Thanks! Piper would be heart broken if she is allergic to chicken. That is her absolute favorite!!! I’m hoping I get to move back to the bed very soon, sleeping on the couch in no fun!

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