April Rhodes’ Party Dress

We are only 2 weeks into the new year and I feel like I have already accomplished a whole years worth of sewing and sewing related activities. It’s off to a great, but very busy year of sewing fun! I kicked off the new year with April Rhodes’ awesome new Party Dress Pattern/Riding Peplum Top. I was fortunate enough to win this pattern in a little giveaway April held on Instagram called #howdoyoustyleyourstaple. Since I’ve made the stapledress at least 7 times, I tagged a few of my makes and was one of the lucky winners! Woohoo! Thanks so much April!

April Rhodes' Party Dress 004

April Rhodes' Party Dress 011

April Rhodes' Party Dress 012

April Rhodes' Party Dress 013

April Rhodes' Party Dress 017

April Rhodes' Party Dress 018

April Rhodes' Party Dress 020

This dress was such a quick, easy, and satisfying sew. April Rhodes’ is the queen of designing easy to sew and easy to wear dresses! The Party Dress and Riding Peplum have a slightly loose-fitting waist, so now zipper is required. I made the XS and graded out to the S at the waist and hips. Next time I will make a straight XS. I knew I would be wearing a belt with this dress since I had a perfect match, so I didn’t feel a need to take it in at the waist. I really love how I can wear this dress in summer or throw a cardigan and boots on with it in the winter. I’ll definitely be wearing this one year round! Can’t wait to make the Riding Peplum version!

I have lots more exciting things to share with you for the rest of this month. Next Monday I will be hosting a giveaway as part of the Imagine Gnats January pattern tour. I will be sharing my test version of Debbie Brooke Patterns new “My Dress”. I have also finished my Colette Zinnia and need to share that with you as well! So much to do! On top of all that, I am now teaching sewing classes at Five Eighth Seams two nights a week and sewing 25 adorable little girl dresses for my favorite hometown boutique. Oh….and there is also that other commitment….yeah…my real 40 hour a week job as a speech language pathologist. Wow! When will I sleep? Who cares…I’m having a blast!


  1. Oooh I love your dress! Especially the hem 🙂 It looks super cute and comfy on you! It must be great teaching how to sew, jealous!

  2. Abbey I love your party dress! This is next on my sewing wish list. I love reading your blog to learn about how the patterns fit and also your choice of fabric. I am also planning to make the saltspring maxi similar to the one you made. I was really surprised to learn that you are an SLP too! I have been reading your blog for a while but didn’t realize we have that in common! I love my job but I have to admit that I often think about sewing when I am at work. Anyways, thanks for all the posts I always take away something inspiring!

    • Thanks! I’m glad you are enjoying my blog! The Saltspring is still my favorite pattern! I can’t wait until spring, so I can make some more. I love coming across other SLPs! We are not that common! I often dream of sewing while at work. Where do you work?

      • I work in Vancouver BC Canada with littles, birth to age 5. I do lots of Hanen programs so I work a lot with parents. I work full time too so I really enjoy my time away from work, just sewing. I just got some new Amy Butler Hapi fabric and now I am thinking about what to make. My Mom taught me to sew when I was a teen. I am lucky to have a space at home where I can leave my works in progress out! You are right SLPs are not that common so it is great to meet you! Keep up the great posts, they really help me stay inspired and motivated, thanks Abbey!

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