Laurel in Lace

Colette Laurel in Lace 001

This is my third Colette Laurel and by far my most favorite! My first make was out of white eyelet and my second was out of my favorite AMH cotton print, but this royal blue lace tops them all. I purchased it from my local fabric shop, Five Eighth Seams. I underlined it with a cotton I found that happens to match it perfectly. The sleeves are finished out of self made bias from the underlining fabric and stitched down invisibly by hand. I also stitched the hem by hand. I widened the arm holes as shown in this tutorial. Like my second make, I once again changed my neckline to the Colette Peony neckline. I did run into a bit of a dilemma with this dress. I thought I had all the supplies I needed, but when I went to get started I could not find my royal blue invisible zipper. I absolutely did not feel like making a trip out to get a zipper, so I had a thought….maybe I can get by without a zipper? I zipped up one of my Laurels and “lo and behold” I was able to get it on over my head without unzipping it! Yay! I made a size 0 again, but I ended up taking at least 1 1/2 inches off the side seams and can still get it off pretty easily without the zipper. Not sure why this dress is so big on me. Anyone else have this issue?

Wouldn’t this dress make the perfect New Year’s Eve outfit?!?!

Colette Laurel in Lace 002

Colette Laurel in Lace 006

Colette Laurel in Lace 007

Colette Laurel in Lace 012

Colette Laurel in Lace 017

Colette Laurel in Lace 018

Colette Laurel in Lace 020

If you are local and interested in making your own Colette Laurel….you are in luck! I will be teaching a 4 week class on the Laurel on Wednesday nights starting January 8th. The class will be from 6-8 at Five Eighth Seams. I would love to teach you how to make this great shift dress!


    • Thanks! This lace was really easy to sew with. I think it must be 100% cotton, because it sewed and pressed just like one. The only real annoying this about sewing with lace is having to underline it. Give it a try!

  1. I also found the dress was really big in the hips. I ended up cutting mine down 3 or 4 sizes in the making process. Your lace version is very pretty!

  2. Your dress looks great! I have a very similar store bought and youre right, it is a great New Years dress!
    My laurel is coming along but still having some arm hole and dart issues. Think I will soldier on regardless!

  3. Hi! I just found your blog after perusing Laurels on Flickr. I really enjoyed looking through all your projects and reading your reviews on some patterns I’ve purchased, but haven’t started yet. Many people mentioned fit issues with the Laurel and I’m wondering if you have any suggestions for the bust/darts? The bust is always my issue as I’m a size 4-6 but ahem, very small busted šŸ˜‰ If seen a couple of tutorials on how to do a small bust adjustment with the pattern, but they seem so complicated!
    Again, I really enjoy your blog. I’m excited to see what else you create!

    • Glad you enjoyed my posts! I’ve done one small bust adjustment before, but the only reason I attempted it was because the pattern designer hosted a sewalong and gave step-by-step directions with pictures on how to do it. It’s not really hard to do, just hard to figure out on your own. I know colette had a tutorial on their blog for one, but they did it with the hawthorne. You could always give it a try with a muslin first. The darts on the Laurel were just fine on me and I’m also small busted! Hope that helps!

  4. Love the lace, wish I could get this fabric in another color! I’m about to start my FIRST Colette Laurel this week! This will be only my second dress I’m making for myself and I have read from you and SewCaroline that the pattern needs to be adjusted to size and I’ve never done this before! Any tips or advice you can give me? Thanks!

    • Thanks! I posted a tutorial on how to widen the armholes. Check out my blog post on it. It’s easy to take in at the side seams, since it a shift dress. You can just take it in at the sides. I recommend basting the new stitching line first so you can check the fit. Good luck!

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