Anna Maria Horner Art Student Tote

Hello everyone! I have been so busy making gifts for friends and family, sewing up items for my new etsy shop, Piper and Pippy, and of course working 5 days a week. The weather has also been gorgeous here in Charleston so it’s been hard to stay inside and sew! I have had barely any time to sew for myself and I feel like my blog has suddenly had to move to the bottom of my list. There is just not enough time in the day!

We are also headed out to LA in less than 2 weeks to celebrate Joseph’s 30th birthday. I was really in need of a great bag for all the sightseeing we will be doing. Who wants to carry around a heavy purse all day??? So…in steps the Anna Maria Horner Art Student Tote!

Art Gallery Tote

This bag is exactly what I need for our trip. I can put my camera, wallet, cell phone, and other essentials in it and it stays nice and slim against my body. I chose 2 coordinating fabrics from Anna Maria Horner’s linen collection. I also chose dark colored fabric so I won’t be so paranoid about getting it dirty as we trek around California.

I thought the linen was a little sturdier than quilting weight cotton so I only interfaced the outer fabric and pockets. I wish I would have also interfaced the divider. It’s a little too flimsy. I might even leave it out completely the next time. Sometimes too many pockets in a bag makes it even harder for me to stay organized. I can never remember which pocket I put things in! I end up checking each pocket before I finally find my ringing cell phone!

I love how this bag turned out and I can’t wait to try it out on the West Coast. So far the only plans we have decided on are a UCLA game at the Rose bowl. Not my idea of a “must-see”, but it is my husband’s 30th birthday after all 🙂 Since we are going to a football game, he has said he will accompany me for some fabric shopping on Saturday morning! Yay! Where should I go? I don’t have much time, so I need to spend it wisely! Where else should we go while we are there? Where should we eat? Suggestions please!

On a side note, what do you guys think of my etsy shop name? I chose Piper for the dog collars I will be making (and because I am obsessed with my dog) and Pippy (like pippy longstocking) for the little girl hair accessories. Here is a look at the dog collars I will be making.





What a pretty puppy model I have!!!


  1. Great bag! My first sewing project was a Birdie bag by Amy Butler…very complex for my first try. My dear friend helped me a lot.

    As far as LA, go to the Garment District downtown for fabric, trims, notions, etc. and there are a ton of great places to eat. Since you are going to Pasadena to the Rose Bowl, check out Old Town Pasadena. You can almost ask any one and they should be able to point you in the right direction. Have fun in my former city/home! Go Bruins!!

  2. I was in LA a few weeks ago and fabric shopping was high on my list! I just ended up going to Michael Miller aka., and the inventory was pretty extensive if a little overwhelming. The other place I think you should check out is The Fabric Store, a New Zealand fabric shop (I’m a Kiwi myself) that has just opened up in LA. They have an amazing range of natural fibres including tons of gorgeous silk prints and merino knits. It’s on La Brea I think, pretty close to the LA version of Mood. Website is Have fun!

  3. Hey, I am from Greece and will be in the LA area on the 23rd, is that when you will be there? Would love to fabric shop with you :), it is high on my list also and not so much on my husbands.

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