Sewaholic Hollyburne Skirt

I am determined to sew all Sewaholic patterns. I just love the smart construction of these patterns. They also fit my personal style and I’ve had really good luck with the fit. So far I have checked off 3 Saltsprings (blogged here, here, and here), a Pendrell, a Lonsdale (not blogged), a Cambie, and now a Hollyburne.

Sewaholic Hollyburne

Sewaholic Hollyburne (6)

I added pre-made olive piping to the waistband and pockets to bring out the green in the skirt.

Sewaholic Hollyburne (5)

My favorite kind of pockets! I like for my pockets to be seen!

Sewaholic Hollyburne (4)

I cut a straight 6 for this pattern and the fit is great. The skirt is pretty high-waisted on me, which I like, but for the next one I might sew the side seams on a 1/2″ seam allowance instead of 5/8″ so I can pull it down a bit. This skirt has great flare, is super figure flattering, and comes in 3 different lengths. I felt like I needed a length in between the shortest and medium length, so I chose the shortest length and added an inch or so. The only changes I made to the skirt was to add an invisible zipper instead of a regular zipper.

The instructions for the skirt were very detailed and I would highly recommend this pattern for a beginner.

I found my Hollyburne at FabricWorm. They don’t currently have it on their website, but I found it at Pink Chalk Fabrics. They offer free shipping on all patterns! The fabric is another awesome print from Art Gallery. It is called Flights of Fancy in Day and I purchased it from Hawthorne Threads.

So….what Sewaholic pattern should I try next? Any suggestions? Please share!


  1. I just ordered this skirt pattern and the Alma blouse pattern, but I do not have them yet!
    Would you be willing to sew the Alma blouse? I would love to see your fabric choices for this blouse. I am just wondering how this will fit using a quilting cotton fabric, since it is a pullover type blouse with a hidden side zipper.

  2. Must try Renfrew for sure! Just like you, I just started sewing my own clothes this year and it has been so rewarding! I love your blog, your style and fabric choice are fabulous! As with all Sewaholic patterns her instructions are great and there is a sew a along for renfrew and that’s why it was my choice for trying knits (a walking foot is highly recommended). I am so happy with the results and I am looking to sewing my 3rd renfrew!

    • I’ll have to give the renfrew a try! I’ve Megan Nielsen’s Briar top, which is pretty similar, but I would love to try another knit pattern. I have way more experience with quilting cottons than knits and could use more practice! Which versions of the renfrew have you made?

      • i started with the round neckline and 3/4 sleeves. i think that is the simplest. then i did the cowl version in long sleeves but adjusted the size down so there is more negative ease. I am usually size 6 bust/waist and 2 hips for her patterns but went with size 4 bust/waist and graded the sleeves from 4 to 2 and the fit just hugs the chest/arms/body just right which is the look i wanted to achieve. although i do like my first version too, a bit loose and longer (i did size 6 all the way), so just depends on what you feel like and the type of fabric you have. also, make sure you measure the arm length as they are long (i am 5’4″ and chopped off 1.5″). I want to try the v neck version next. if you decide to give it a try and have questions, i’ll be happy to help!

      • Thanks for sharing so much great information! Sooo helpful! I’m also 5’4, so that is good to know. I’m definitely going to give it a try. I’ll let you know if I have any questions…thanks for the offer!

  3. Your skirt is lovely, and I like the added piping very much. It takes the skirt to the next level. About a week ago, Sewaholic was having a pattern sale, and I bought several styles, including the Crescent skirt, but not this one. It simply looked too plain to me. Now that I have seen yours, I am going to make one with piping, as you have done. I love your taste in fabric, and appreciate that you share with your readers the name of the fabric, and where it can be found. I also appreciate your thoughts about the skill level of each pattern, and any special problems you encounter, as I am a very new sewer, having made only 7 things so far. I just made an adorable skirt/shorts by Cynthia Rowley that I think you might like. It is Simplicity 2192. I saw it on Josephine Kimberling’s website, where she made the skirt version in one of her Hope Chest fabrics. I made the View D shorts version, and plan to make another. It looks very cute in the floral fabrics that you and I both love.

    • Thanks! I love adding piping to skirts! I use a piping foot which really helps get the needle as close as possible to the piping. I haven’t tried the crescent skirt yet, but it looks super cute! The Hollyburne would be great for your sewing level. I’ll have to check out that pattern. Thanks for letting me know! I have some fabric from the Hope Chest collection too! Floral fabrics are the best 🙂

  4. Your creations are absolutely lovely! I’m a huge fan of Sewaholic Patterns too! Definitely try the Renfrew. I don’t have a serger so the construction of the tees are great for regular machines. The v-neck may actually be my favorite Renfrew version because I think the cowl is a bit too big, but it’s still great. I would also recommend the Minoru and Robson, especially with colder weather approaching. They are more time consuming, but the end results are totally worth it!

    • I’m hearing a common theme with the renfrew…I’m going to have to try it! I really love cowl necks, so I might have to give it a try anyways. Do you think it would be an easy fix to make the cowl smaller? I don’t know if I’m brave enough for the Minoru or Robson. They look so difficult!

      • I think it would only look big if the fabric is more on the medium and heavy weight knits. i did mine in a light to medium weight knit and the cowl drapes and cascades beautifully.

      • You can totally handle the Minoru – follow along with her sew along from the blog and you’ll be just fine. I did mine in a week of off & on sewing! Renfrew is great as well – I just made a tunic version with the cowl neck and long sleeves.

      • What kind of fabric did you use for the Minoru? A renfrew tunic sounds super cute! I would probably want to lengthen it into a dress. I wonder how that would look?

      • I made my Minoru out of organic cotton twill from, lined it in kasha flannel backed satin. Here is a picture –

        I consider this Minoru a wearable muslin. I did do a real muslin of it as well, but definitely considered this more of a practice jacket. My next one (oh yes, there will be a next one) will be made out of goretex so it will be more wet weather appropriate, but I just couldn’t do my first version on fabric that runs $30+ a yard! I did end up cutting off the hood because I didn’t like how bulky it made the collar – I am planning on attaching buttons to it so that it can be buttoned in if I want it, though the times that I’ll be wearing a hood are fairly infrequent. With the next one, I’ll still do the hood, but will not line it so that it is less bulky (plus goretex will be much less bulky than twill anyway!).

        I made a Renfrew dress – maxi length – super cute. I saw this blogpost on Pinterest – a blogger did a big roundup of all the Renfrew mods she could find. It’s fun to see how the pattern can be so versatile!

      • Thanks for sharing your picture and the fabric you used! I don’t blame you for not wanting to use such expensive fabric on your first make! Thanks for sharing the link to all the renfrew mods! Great ideas!

      • I used an organic cotton twill ($15/yd) and some sort of cheap lining from Mood for my Minoru and love it! For the Robson trench coat I used a cheap(er) cotton twill (~$5/yd) from and it’s noticeably thinner and not as nice as the twill from Mood…but the Robson requires so much fabric that I wanted to make a wearable muslin the first time. Here are links to my photos if you’re interested: Minoru (not the best photo haha!) and Robson.

        I’ve made a top with a really shallow twisted cowl. There is a great tutorial here. It’s definitely doable to modify the renfrew to fit your style.

  5. That piping is gorgeous and really lifts the skirt. . I like the alma blouse and made the Peter pan collar version a while back. I I recently got Renfrew and and it really is fab. I made the the cowl version with 3/4 sleeves and round neck with long sleeves. . I am also tempted by Thurlow trousers

  6. Gorgeous (as always!) skirt! The piping really adds a lovely tailored look and the peacock feather fabric is fantastic! Can’t wait to see the Lonsdale (one of my favourite patterns!)

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