Bluegingerdoll Mae Blouse

Blue Ginger Doll Mae 001

A couple of weeks ago, Bluegingerdoll had a giveaway for her most recent pattern, The Mae Top. Well, guess what??? I WON IT!!!! I never win anything. So not only was I excited to just win something, but look at what I won! The Mae is such a beautiful pattern! Bluegingerdoll’s name is also Abby, so I kinda think I was destined to win this pattern.

Blue Ginger Doll Mae 008

I think the prettiest detail about the Mae is the scalloped neckline. I remember looking at this pattern when it was first released and thinking “scalloped neckline, too difficult for me”. Well, last week Abby hosted a sewalong which includes detailed instructions on how to make the scallops look perfectly beautiful.  The sewalong is full of pictures that make the construction of this top so much easier. I think my scalloped neckline came out pretty good! Thanks Abby!

Blue Ginger Doll Mae 006

I’ll admit when I first received my pattern and started reading the sewalong post about fit, I was a little bummed. The Mae top is made to fit a D cup. I am nowhere near a D cup and figured I would not be able to get this pattern to fit me right without major alterations. I am not that experienced when it comes to having to majorly alter a pattern. I can do simple things, but a bust adjustment seemed way above my sewing skills. Well, Abby also provides instructions on how to do a Small Bust Adjustment (SBA) and Full Bust Adjustment (FBA). So, I attempted the SBA thinking all along that it was going to be an unwearable disaster. Well, to my surprise….it worked! Thanks Abby for making me try a new skill! This top fits like it was made for me, wait….it was 🙂 I will definitely use my new skill on some of the Colette patterns I’ve been afraid to try. Colette patterns are based on a full C cup and I often have difficulty with the fit.

Blue Ginger Doll Mae 007

Fits good, right? The front bodice darts give the top a nice shape and are very figure flattering.

Blue Ginger Doll Mae 009

Not only is the front of Mae pretty to look at with the scalloped neckline, but when you turn around there are buttons down the back. I chose red buttons to bring out the red in the roses.

Blue Ginger Doll Mae 012

I think the top looks cute and a little flirty with the last button left open. I would also be hiding the truth from you if I didn’t share that I am unable to button this last button. Let’s just say that my backside makes up for what I lack in the bust area. Abby mentions that if you do a SBA you might need to add width back into the side seams. I did add some back in, but I kind of eyeballed it and must not have added enough.  I could go back and take some out of the side seams, but I really do think it’s cute left open like this. I knew I was being risky doing a major pattern alteration and not checking the fit with a muslin first. “GASP, no muslin”. I know, not my smartest move. Oh well, I will definitely be making another Mae and I’ll get the buttons to close on that one. I suggest if you are between sizes that you go up in size.

I think the Mae looks great with a pair of skinny jeans. It would also look nice tucked into a skirt.

You might be wondering the name of this beautiful fabric and where I got it. It called Social Climber in Teal by Anna Maria Horner. I purchased it at Hawthorne Threads. You can also find it at

I used this fabric in gold to make my Colette Laurel/Peony. This might be my favorite AMH quilting cotton to date.

This top also only takes a 1 1/2 of fabric. Great stash buster project with so many fabric options! I can’t wait to make another Mae. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to wait until next spring/summer, since it’s finally starting to cool down here in Charleston.


  1. This is beautiful! Perfect fit,and I do agree that it looks super cute open in the back. I love this print and the buttons look great with it, this will be cute with a cardigan for fall 🙂

  2. Nice work on the scallops and the colors in this fabric look great on you! If you wanted to have the back button close, you could make slit vents at the bottom of the side seams and bind with bias tape on the inside or just top stitch the seam allowances down to keep it neat. Or you could round the the hem up a few inches on the side seams the way a men’s dress shirt looks but more subtle of a curve. That would give you the ease you’d need to close the back button. It’s also cute as is, but those we’re just some ideas 🙂

  3. Super cute! I love that scalloped detail on the neckline! I also would have to do an SBA and have never done any altering like that…but I would love to learn and try out some new techniques 🙂 Good job!

    • Thanks! The scalloped neckline is my favorite detail! Give a SBA a try. I was super scared that I would fail, but it really wasn’t that hard. Don’t do what I did though and skip the muslin 😉

  4. Love the pattern! And even more, love this fabric for your projects. I’ve been firmly lodged in the anti quilt weight for apparel party but now I’m ready to reconsider.

  5. Congratulaions! I have been coverting this top since it came out, but I’m being very restrained and waiting until Christmas! I love the fabric you used with it and the fit is perfect!

  6. I’m so loving your fabric choice! I keep coming back just to see it, since this is something I so would wear… I have the pattern, so I just have to find as amazing fabric… Do you find it hard to button the back?

    • Thanks! I think this pattern would look great in so many different fabrics! My back could stand to be a little easier to be buttoned. I’m pretty sure this is due to the SBA I completed. I am going to add some width into the side seams for my next one. Definitely go up in size if you are between sizes.

  7. Beautiful shirt! I really like the neckline and how the buttons bring out the colour in the fabric! How cool is it to win something? I recently won a pattern as well and was super excited!

  8. The top looks wonderful on you! My greatest barrier to buying this top is that I am nowhere near D cup – just a humble A… I love the neckline so much though!

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