Sewaholic Cambie Dress

Floral Sewaholic Cambie 3

I love Sewaholic Pattens. The directions are well written with such clever construction. So far I have made the Pendrell and not one, not two, but three Saltsprings. I also have the Hollyburn and Thurlows cut out and waiting for the perfect fabric.

My first experience with Sewaholic patterns was with the Cambie dress. This was also my first intermediate pattern, made only a few months after I started sewing. I made it in a sewing class at 5/8th Seams here in Charleston. As a beginning sewer, I would have really struggled to make this dress without the help of my instructor. I think what was so daunting, was all the lining up of the darts and the belt at the zipper. It was also my first lined dress. There aren’t directions in the pattern on how to attach the lining to the zipper, so this is what I needed the most help with. Now that I know how, it’s not hard at all! I LOVE how it turned out and I really want to make another one. I have a lot more sewing experience so this time it won’t feel so intermediate!

Floral Sewaholic Cambie Dress (2)

I was drawn to the Cambie by its sweetheart neckline and pretty cap sleeves. This fabric is by Josephine Kimberling and was purchased at 5/8th seams. It’s lined with some pretty pink heirloom batiste also purchased there. The lining almost cost as much as the dress, but it looks so pretty on the inside and feels great. For some reason, this dress does not wrinkle like my other quilting weight cotton dresses. I am wondering if lining a dress helps keep it from wrinkling. Do any of you experienced seamstresses know if this could be true?

Floral Sewaholic Cambie Dress

I cut a straight size 4 for this pattern and made no alterations. Make sure you baste your sleeves to the front bodice and try it on before sewing them. I had to take some length off mine…an easy adjustment, but would require a lot of seam ripping if you didn’t check before attaching your lining.  For my next one I’m going to cut the bodice down to a 2 to get a little bit better fit. Other than that, it fits great!

The Cambie comes with 2 skirts options, a straight skirt and a full gathered skirt. For my next one, I want to try the gathered skirt. I think paired with the sweetheart neckline it will look so feminine and pretty. If you haven’t gathered yet from all my floral fabric choices, I like all things flowery and super feminine. My co-workers probably get sick of seeing me in flowers, but oh well….I can’t help myself…I love floral fabric!

Also, did you see how Tasia altered the pattern to put buttons down the front? How awesome is that? It looks a little technical, but maybe someday I’ll give it a try.

Pink Chalk Fabrics has the full collection of Sewaholic patterns and they offer free shipping on all patterns. I purchased my Cambie pattern from my local fabric shop, 5/8th Seams. They have quite a few of the Sewaholic patterns and also offer free shipping!

Sewaholic Cambie Dress 4

I feel the need to finish my posts with a picture of piper for some reason. Look at that happy dog! This picture makes me smile….hope it does the same for you!


  1. Aww! Piper is so happy looking! I think my day is much more cheered up now! 🙂

    I’ve not made the Cambie dress yet, but after seeing yours and all the other lovely versions, I think I may have to get it after all! I’m very impressed that the whole dress is lined – I bet it’s a dream to wear! And that is very interesting about the lack of wrinkling… I hate ironing so much!

      • I love sewalongs too. Occasionally I have a hard time being patient enough to wait for each post. I got so excited during the Saltspring sewalong that I made the whole dress in one sitting after the first post. I made myself follow the Blue Ginger Doll sewalong for the Mae top. I’m glad I did, because I learned a lot! I only have the buttons left, so I’ll be sharing it soon!

  2. I, too, would like to know if lining alleviates wrinkling… that sure would be good motivation to go the extra mile and add lining to more garments! 🙂 I really like the fit of this dress on you – it’s definitely worth making again 🙂

  3. I’ve just found your blog so thought I’d say hello! This is a lovely dress – the fabric is really pretty. I’ve only recently started dressmaking and a Cambie is definitely on my sewing to-do list once I’ve had a bit more practice – all the versions that I’ve seen online are great!

    • The lining process was easy with this dress. It finishes the neckline nicely and hides the sleeve ends. The directions are clear for everything except the zipper. I had never attached a lining to a zipper before so I wasn’t sure how to do it. My instructor taught me how to attach the lining with my zipper foot. Once you know how to do it, it’s so easy!

  4. Beautiful dress! I haven’t made a Cambie yet, but so far I’ve been really happy with the 2 sewaholic patterns that I did make, so maybe next summer.. Piper did make me smile, she looks super happy in the picture!

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