Megan Nielsen Kelly Skirt in Striped Denim

Megan Nielsen Kelly Skirt in Striped Denim 002

I attempted my first Megan Nielsen Kelly skirt a few months after I took my first sewing class. I started to hate the fabric I picked so much that I didn’t even finish it. It was way too light and flimsy. I had purchased this awesome striped denim fabric by Robert Kaufman from Hawthorne Threads with the intentions of using it to make a pair of Sewaholic Thurlows. Well, short season is coming to an end and I never got around to it… instead I decided to try the Kelly skirt again. I’m so glad I did, because I love it! It’s funny how different a pattern seems to come together when you have more sewing experience. The first time I made it I thought it was so hard!

Megan Nielsen Kelly Skirt in Striped Denim 004

One of my favorite things about this skirt is the pockets. They are so functional! My cell phone is in there and you can’t even tell!

Megan Nielsen Kelly Skirt in Striped Denim 003

I kind of liked it with this belt. What do you think?

Megan Nielsen Kelly Skirt in Striped Denim 006

I tried to get creative with my stripes. I cut the pockets and the waistband so the stripes would go horizontal instead of vertical like the rest of the skirt. I think it adds interest to it.

Megan Nielsen Kelly Skirt in Striped Denim 005

I used a mustard/goldish color top stitching thread. I love how this looks. My machine didn’t love the heavier weight thread too much. I had to use some force when it came to my buttonholes and ended up having to rip out one of the buttonholes on the waistband.

Megan Nielsen Kelly Skirt in Striped Denim 007

I used gold metal buttons that I found at JoAnns. I got them for 40% off, but I’m pretty sure they are the most expensive thing about this skirt. Especially since it only takes a 1 1/2 of fabric. I made the size small. It’s a little too big in the waist, but fits good everywhere else.Β  I cut 3 inches off the hem and turned it under an inch and then another inch.

I got 2 compliments from strangers while wearing it this morning. Don’t you just love compliments from people that have no idea you made what you are wearing! I think this skirt will get a whole lot of use this fall!


  1. Oh I love this skirt, and the creative striping is so cute! Nicely done. I have been eyeing this pattern, I hope mine turns out as nice as yours when I get around to making it. The buttons are look fantastic, good thing you splurged on them.

    • Thanks! I couldn’t decide if the stripes would be cute or just look like I messed up cutting out my fabric…hahaha. I’m happy I decided to give it a try! I think if you are going to make a pattern where buttons are a major focus, that the buttons better be just as pretty (or more) as the rest of the skirt. I have a hard time finding nice buttons though…..

  2. This skirt is great! I had a similar experience with this pattern, I made it in a corduroy and it ended up being so bulky and I felt huge. I scrapped it and haven’t gone back. Apparently I need to give it another go since you had such success the second time around!

  3. Really cute! I love your fabric choice. I’ve been kind of waffling about the Kelly skirt (too much volume for my shape?), but this makes me want to order the pattern. This seems like it would look nice with boots and tights in the fall/winter too.

    • Thanks! I am definitely planning on wearing this skirt with boots and a sweater for the fall. Most of the stuff I make is super summery, so I am pretty excited to have something that I can extend the wear into different seasons. I would love to make one out of some corduroy. Did you see the one that lladybird just made? For some reason this skirt is not the most slimming. Something about the placement of the pleats in the back makes my backside look a little larger than I would like.

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