Sewaholic Saltspring, My Third and Favorite

Maxi Length Sewaholic Saltspring 003

What can I saw about my latest Sewaholic Saltspring? I really don’t feel a need to say much….the pictures pretty much speak for themselves.

Maxi Length Sewaholic Saltspring 006

For my first and second Saltspring I made the knee length version. I LOVE how they turned out, but I just couldn’t stop there…I needed a maxi length one in my handmade life. I found this Amy Butler rayon challis on Hawthorne Threads and knew immediately that it needed to be my next Saltspring. I ordered it on Friday and it arrived all the way from New York on Tuesday. That’s crazy fast….Monday was even a holiday! Thanks Hawthorne Threads!

Maxi Length Sewaholic Saltspring 010

I love the straps on the Saltspring! I don’t own any other dress patterns with this type of strap. I love when a new pattern comes out that has something that makes it very different than all my other patterns. It also makes for an easy fit! Just tighten or loosen the straps!

Maxi Length Sewaholic Saltspring 007

Still loving the amount of scoop in the back. Excuse the sports bra tan. I guess that’s what happens when you take your dog for a walk on the beach every morning during summer break!

Maxi Length Sewaholic Saltspring 011

Pockets…don’t we all love pockets

Maxi Length Sewaholic Saltspring 008

I wore my new Saltspring to dinner at my in-laws this evening. I love how it’s casual enough for dinner with family, dressy enough for dinner downtown, and comfy enough for a day of work (with a cardigan of course…can’t be wearing spaghetti straps at work).

Maxi Length Sewaholic Saltspring 009

Believe me when I say…..this is my favorite dress to date….BY FAR!


It’s hard to believe that almost 3 years ago we were posing for our engagement pictures under this same Oak tree.


Such a beautiful place…..


  1. Hi there, I found you via the Sew Caroline/Hawthorne Threads link up! I am a resident of Chas/Mt. Pleasant and so glad to stumble across your blog.

    Well done on all of your projects. I am new and so inspired by your work.

  2. hi there! do you recall if you used the full 3.5 yards for the maxi version? I have some fabric that I really want to use for this dress but only have 3 yds, and it’s out of stock. let me know (if you remember)!

    • I’m pretty sure I was able to get by with less yardage by lining the bodice with other fabric. I just used a cotton voile to line the bodice. I know that would save at least a 1/4 of a yard. Are you able to lay it out to check first? I wish I could remember for sure!!!

      • sorry I just saw that you replied! yes i will lay it all out to make certain but hopefully I can squeeze it in, esp if the lining was factored into the recommended yardage (I’ll def use a diff fabric for lining). I’m wanting this done for the Spring… hard to think about a dress right now when it’s in the single digits! thanks for the info:)

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