Sewaholic Saltspring #2

Sewaholic Saltspring in Amy Butler Voile 001

I have been itching to make another Sewaholic Saltspring the minute I finished my first one. When the weekend finally got here, I dug through my stash to see what I could make into a Saltspring. I hit gold! I bought this fabric forever ago, but could never find the right project for it. I didn’t want to break up all the ” florally medalion things”. The Saltspring is perfect for fabrics with a large continuous print like this.

Do you guys like what I did with the flower boxes this year? hahaha, just kidding, I wish we lived here!!! These flower boxes are the best I have found in Charleston!

Sewaholic Saltspring in Amy Butler Voile 006

The green in this fabric looks so beautiful in the natural light. It’s a voile by Amy Butler. I tried to find it on Hawthorne Threads, but they don’t carry it anymore.

Sewaholic Saltspring in Amy Butler Voile 002

I didn’t change much in the construction of this dress from my first make. I did line the skirt, since the voile was a little too sheer. I also left out the pockets, because I was afraid you would see them though the dress.

Sewaholic Saltspring in Amy Butler Voile 003

I got brave and tried a blind hem using this tutorial from Imagine Gnats. I tried using the instruction in the manual that came with my machine and couldn’t make sense of them. The tutorial at Imagine Gnats was great and the pictures were so helpful. The hem came out pretty good, but I could definitely use some practice.

Sewaholic Saltspring in Amy Butler Voile 002

I was afraid the voile wouldn’t drape as nicely as the rayon. The rayon is a little better, but I like the voile too!

Sewaholic Saltspring in Amy Butler Voile 010

The perfect dress for a summer stroll through the Battery. Comfy, light, and still able to chase squirrels in it with Piper!


It’s pretty hot here in Charleston, so Piper decided to take a rest on this tree bench during our walk. Too cute!


  1. Hi Abbey, It’s Sarah from Goodbye Valentino. I just heard about your blog today and wanted to check it out. I can tell you are having a blast sewing and your clothes are really cute! Great photos too! As of now Im your newest follower 🙂

    • Thanks Sarah! I am having a blast! I’ll let my husband know you like the photos (he is my photographer). Glad you found me and decided to follow me! I checked out your blog. WOW, your sewing is amazing!!!!

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