DIY Sew Caroline Circle Skirt- With A Paper Bag Style Waist

Sew Caroline DIY circle skirt with paper bag elastic waist 003

I loved how my first circle skirt came out using Sew Caroline’s circle skirt tutorial!!! Before I even finished it, I already knew I wanted to make another. So, for my second circle skirt, I decided to try something a little different….a paper bag style waist. What do you think???

Sew Caroline DIY circle skirt with paper bag elastic waist 002

I used the same formula in Sew Caroline’s tutorial, but I added 4 inches to my waist measurement. I lined the skirt with some creamy yellow batiste. I like the fullness the lining added to the skirt. This skirt is simple to line. Just sew up 2 skirt (minus the waist band of course). I sewed the lining to the skirt with right sides together and then turned it right sides out. I then created my elastic casing, leaving 1 inch at the top. I would have liked to have left more than an inch, but I didn’t have enough in the length to spare.

Sew Caroline DIY circle skirt with paper bag elastic waist 001

I probably should have done a little research on creating a paper bag style waist before I made this skirt. I just suddenly got the idea and went for it! I wish the waist was a little stiffer to help it stand up….maybe interfacing?

Sew Caroline DIY circle skirt with paper bag elastic waist 005

The extra fabric and elastic waist make the skirt even more “flowy”. I love it!

Sew Caroline DIY circle skirt with paper bag elastic waist 008

I’m pretty sure anything made out of this fabric would look absolutely beautiful. It’s my favorite fabric EVER! It’s from Amy Butler’s Alchemy Voile collection and called Sketchbook in Butter. You can find it here at Hawthorne Threads.  I’ve had it in my stash for awhile, waiting for the perfect project. I was too scared to waste this fabric on a project that I wasn’t sure I would be 100% in love with. I already knew I loved the circle skirt….so the decision was easy! Luckily, I still have some of this fabric left over. Now I’ll have to decide what to use the rest for! Any suggestions?

Sew Caroline DIY circle skirt with paper bag elastic waist 007

Piper is waiting very patiently for the photo shoot to finish, so our walk on the beach can begin. I now have a very happy and sleepy pup laying next to me and a super cute outfit to wear to work tomorrow.


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!! I LOVE the paperbag waistband!!!! i used to make those skirts allllll the time!! girl, you’re the only one who’s linked up, so I’m gonna feature you + your blog on Friday 🙂 hope that is OK!

    I have some of this fabric and am planning on sewing a Saltspring dress! I can’t wait! I’ve been hoarding it forEVER!!!!!

    You’re beautiful! Way to go!!!


    • Thanks Caroline! That was my first attempt at a paper bag waist skirt. I just noticed that you have a tutorial on your blog for one. I’ll have to give it a try!

      I would LOVE for you to feature my blog! Thanks sooooo much!

      This fabric would be beautiful for the Saltspring! I considered using it for my Saltspring, but I was too scared since it was a first time sew. I definitely could have, because I love it! Did you check out my post on the Saltspring? I left the zipper out and I’m so glad that I did! It fits just fine without it. Have fun sewing it! It’s my favorite dress right now and I can’t wait to make another! I’m thinking chambray for my next one…..

      Thanks again for the great tutorial and for featuring my blog!!!!

  2. awww, look at piper hangin out on the boardwalk! so cute. i love that fabric and great modification to the waist! we were at the beach last week and it was soooo windy i’d worry about flashing people in a circle skirt! hope it wasn’t too windy when you were there 😉

  3. I just stumbled across your blog and wanted to say how much I’m enjoying reading your posts. You have such pretty taste, a fresh style and your photos are beautiful and of very high quality. Nice to see our lovely city featured on so prominently on your blog (I’m local and buy many of my fabrics at Five Eighths, too.) looking forward to following your projects!

  4. Love your skirt! That voile is lovely. I had some sitting in my stash for a while and I finally bit the bullet and sewed up a Wiksten Tova. I was super scared cutting into it, but its a TNT pattern for me, and it is now my most favorite top!

    • Thanks! Luckily I have some left over to maybe make a top. I haven’t tried the Wiksten Tova yet. I’ll have to put it on my “to-sew” list (as if there isn’t already too much on that list).

  5. […] Part One: Gather your supplies Part Two: Draft your pattern Part Three: Start Sewing Part Four: Finish Sewing Here’s the thing.. on the LAST DAY I had a link up where you guys were able to show off your skirts.. So far, Abbey is the only one who’s linked up her skirt(s) so I wanted to show them off to y’all here!  Abbey has a blog called Sew Charleston where she sews tons and tons of pretty clothes– she is super inspiring and is a very talented sewer! here are a couple of her circle skirts: On this one, she followed the tutorial exactly. You can read more about what she has to say about it here! (love that cute pup!!) On this one, she added a paper bag style waist– which turned out ADORABLY! You can read more about how she did that on the circle skirt here. […]

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