Wiksten Tank Gone Maxi

If you love how quick and easy the April Rhodes’ Staple Dress is then you must try the Wiksten Tank!

Wiksten Tank Gone Maxi 3

Wiksten has developed two PDF patterns, the Wiksten Tova and the Wiksten Tank. The Wiksten tank comes with the tank top version and a dress version. You can purchase the pattern here. The directions are thorough and easy to follow, making for a great beginner project.

When I came across this pattern, I knew immediately that I wanted to use this awesome rayon challis that I had in my stash. It’s called Coordinates in Cypus by Anna Maria Horner and can be purchased here. Unfortunately, after I laid the pattern out on the fabric, I realized I would have some left over fabric. Not enough for another project, but too much to waste. I hate “wasting” fabric. I guess that’s what you get for buying fabric without a project in mind first. I’m really trying to get better about doing this, but sometimes (or all the time) you just see a fabric you have to have! After much debate, I had a “vision”, just make it a Wiksten Maxi Tank Dress!

Wiksten Tank Gone Maxi

I love it! I’m so glad I had too much fabric! So glad that, of course, I’ve already made another maxi length one. I’ll share soon!

I just measured the length of another maxi dress I had hanging in my closet to see how much length I needed to add. I always research a project before cutting out my fabric and I came across this post on Made by Rae. She made a muslin first and had a lot of gapping at the front and back neckline. I went ahead and followed her directions on how to fix this fit issue. It was an easy fix!  I’m glad I took her advice, because it fits great!

Wiksten Tank Gone Maxi 4

I’m sure I’ll make as many Wiksten Tank dresses, both knee length and maxi, as I have the staple dress. Stay tuned!


  1. absolutely love this!! ive been eyeing that pattern for awhile now but really don’t need another tank in my closet especially since summer is basically over – but a maxi would be perfect! looks awesome on you too 🙂

    btw: found ya through sew caroline!

  2. Hi! Just found your blog post and I am inspired to try converting my Wiksten pattern to a maxi. When extending your pattern length, did you continue along the a-line all the way to your hem, or did you finish the length off with a straighter line? I worry a bit about the maxi getting a little too wide at the hem, especially if I use a less drapey fabric. Thanks!

  3. Hi there! I’m thinking about making my Wiksten tank pattern into a dress as well and was wondering how you managed to get your fabric to gather so nicely at the waist? Did you use any elastic thread or use elastic in a casing? Thanks!!

      • Thanks for the response. I haven’t sewn with elastic thread yet and I’m a bit nervous but excited to try! I have some of this fabric in the saffron and am excited to use it for something soon, this print is so pretty! One last question! My prints is slightly seer but I can’t tell if yours is (I’m using a voile). Did you add a lining to your dress or are you wearing a slip or anything underneath? I’ve been trying to figure out how to sew a lining to a dress like this (or any dress really!!) that has shirring or an elastic waist but I haven’t been able to find anything online and I’m not sure if it would be two separate linings or if I can do it with one and the lining also gets sewn with elastic. Do you have any guidance you could offer?

        Beautiful dress!!

      • No prob! I’m actually just wearing a slip under mine, but rayon isn’t as sheer as voile. I usually stand in front of a window with my fabric and ask my husband if he can see through it. hahaha, if he can then I either line it or wear a slip!

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