Staple dress #6

Yes…you read that right…I have made 6 of these dresses. I told you I was obsessed! This one is my new favorite.


The fabric is rayon challis by Anna Maria Horner. It’s called Raindrop Poppies in Lustre. This fabric and dress are sooooo comfortable to wear.


I left out the shirring on this one. The shirring does help it cinch in a little nicer at the waist, but I like the belted look too.


We were on our way out to dinner and my “restaurant lovin” dog was not being patient. I’m serious, this dog loves to go out to dinner! Image

At Taco Boy…still not wanting to pose for me….


Isn’t this fabric beautiful! You can find it here. If you are local, Five Eighth Seams also carries this fabric. Unless it sold out since the last time I was there!


Piper is so well behaved at restaurants. She just loves to people watch. We find ourselves only eating at restaurants that offer outdoor seating so we can take her with. I mean how could you leave that cute black face at home????


  1. Abbey, your sewing is beautiful! Found your blog while looking at the April Rhodes Flikr group and trying to decide if I want to make a Date Night Dress or a Saltspray Dress – then I see you have sewn both so beautifully (doesn’t really help in my decision making that the both look so good!!). This Staple Dress is lovely too btw. New follower.

  2. Thanks Renee!!! The dresses are both so beautiful and are so different from each that your decision needs to be to make them both 🙂 Enjoy and please share your finished dresses!

  3. Hi there
    I found your blog through hawthorne threads and love checking in and seeing what you are sewing. (I did leave an earlier post that I can’t find now??) Anyway how do you manage to sew so many things so quickly?? Love your fabric and pattern choices – they all look stunning on you to!! I have just made my first Staple Dress as inspired by you! I made it in 100 % cotton and think it would be better in a blend – as you have done here. That will be my second…. happy sewing, Suze

    • Love Hawthorne Threads! I am a speech-language pathologist at an Elementary School, so I have summers off and that’s when I do most of my sewing. A lot of my posts are all projects I’ve sewn over summer vacation. I also don’t have “human children”, just my “dog child”. That frees up a lot of time. I don’t know how all these moms find time to sew! I’m so glad I was able to inspire you to make a staple dress! How did it turn out? I have made one out of a cotton and I agree it is better out of a rayon or voile. I still like my cotton one though! Have fun sewing you second staple. I have made so many I can now make it in 2.5 hours 🙂

      • Hi, yes I live in Australia and there isn’t the same volume of sewing blogs here, not that I have found anyway, and also the range of fabrics you have in the States is amazing! I actually buy most of my fabric from the US and even with postage it is cheaper… Yes my sewing time is on my kid free days (Monday and Tuesday) when my youngest 2 of 3 are at day care! In amongst all the kaos, I am in the process of setting up a dressmaking studio where I hope to sew children’s and hopefully some women’s skirts to sell…I will send you a link when I get my face book page up and running!
        Keep the projects coming, you are an inspiration and I love that through your blogs I can see how the fabrics that I am looking at online will look as a garment! A lot of the fabrics you choose I have here also or looking at buying!! So your projects are a great help to me! And I definitely look forward to when a staple dress only takes me that long to make! I must be very very slow!!
        Suze ( my email

      • Good luck setting up your shop! I just opened an etsy shop the other day for baby clothes using fabric left over from all my sewing projects. It’s called SewCharlestonBaby. I haven’t had much luck with it yet. I would love to see yours when you get it up and running!

        Don’t worry….I will definitely keep the projects coming! I’m addicted to sewing! I started my blog for just the reasons you mentioned…I love seeing what other people make with the fabric I am interested in purchasing and with the sewing patterns. Glad I could inspire you!

        Keep on sewing…you’ll get faster! I promise!

      • Hi, congratulations on your shop, I have just added it to my favourites! Your items look so beautiful, I am sure they will sell. From what I have read and researched, these things do take time! I have found a few things I would love to buy from Esty in the US but the postage is a killer!! (check out sewingseedsbyselena if you get a chance)
        I am giving myself three years to get the business going well!! I have spoken to a few others doing similar things and they said that the first year can be really slow! Lots of people drop off and it is often those businesses that stick at it through all this that then stay and get going. For me especially, I can only sew without the children! But this weekend I am taking photos of my daughter and a friends daughter in some dresses just to make a start with things – I am very excited..small steps! Have a good day. Suze

  4. This is so cute!! I love the stripes and the gold accents, very cool. I have had this pattern for a while and I haven’t made it yet- every time I see it made up I think I need to make one, I need to bump it to the top of the list!

  5. As I am checking your blog out I am really confirming the fact that I love easy dressing. All of your styles are styles I would choose. I have also been wanting to try 5/8 Seams??

    Well done!

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