First post…first of many Staple dresses by April Rhodes

I love reading sewing blogs to see what the rest of you avid sewers are making out there. Your posts give me inspiration and are vital in helping me make decisions on what fabrics and patterns to choose. That being said…..I have decided to create my own blog so I can share my projects with you! So here it goes….my first post. Forgive the poor quality of my pictures. Most of the pictures I will share were taken before I had any intention of creating a sewing blog.

The staple dress by April Rhodes is one of my favorite patterns to sew. So far I have made 5 (3 for me and 2 for my mom)! I just can’t get enough of them! I can now cut and sew the dress in 2 1/2 hours and I am a slow sewer. This one is made from a lace purchased from It only took 1 1/2 yards of 60 inch wide. I made the XS high-low hem version with no alteration to the pattern. I I am wearing a nude slip underneath the lace. I did not do the optional elastic shirring. I wasn’t quite sure how the lace would like the elastic thread. I think this dress looks great with a belt to cinch it in at the waist. I made this dress to wear out for our 2nd wedding anniversary and it was perfect for the occasion!


You can purchase this PDF pattern here    I highly recommend this pattern! The instructions are very thorough so it makes a great project for a beginner.



  1. I bought this pattern and just can’t seem to find the instructions – you wouldn’t happen to have a pdf version of the instructions would you?

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