Poolside Tote by Noodlehead

poolside tote

Some of you might be thinking, “A pool/beach bag now, that’s silly, summer is practically over”. Well, not here in Charleston. In my opinion, it will still be too hot to go to the beach here until at least October. We prefer going once all the tourists are gone and we’re not sitting there drenched in sweat!

poolside tote 3

I’ve been eyeing the poolside tote pattern (or more like beach tote for me, since I’m not much of a pool person) on the Indie Sew webesite forever, but I just couldn’t imagine taking my pretty, newly sewn bag to the beach, setting it down in the wet sand, and putting wet/sandy towels in it. Then one day during my summer break, I found myself playing around on Etsy (more like a daily habit) and I came across a shop called Oilcloth Addict. I suddenly found myself ordering a bunch of different oilcloth and this book to help me get started. Since I had never sewn with oilcloth before, I found this book very helpful. I also made my mom the apron and market tote from the book for her birthday. She loved them!

poolside tote 4

I did make a few changes to the construction of the bag to adjust for sewing with oilcloth. I did not interface anything, since the oilcloth I chose for the lining was very stiff. I also decided to buy straps instead of making my own. I decided to sew the bag up in a similar fashion as the construction of the market tote I made for my mom from the book. This worked out great, until the very end. For the market tote, you simply turn the shell and the lining top edges a 1/2 inch towards the wrong side and stitch them together as one. Well, this would have worked for my poolside tote, except for that curve in the middle of the front and back. It’s just not possible to neatly turn that curve in and stitch it together. I really thought my bag was a complete loss at this point and I sat on the floor staring at it for a very long time trying to figure out how I could make it work. I finally decided to try and seam rip open a huge chunk out of the bottom of the lining, stitch the shell and lining right sides together around the top, and then pull the shell out through the lining. Well, this worked, but not without a lot of sweat and sore hands. The only reason I was able to pull the shell out through the stiff lining was because the oilcloth I used for the shell was much more thin and flexible. If I would have used the same oilcloth for my shell that I used for the lining, there would have been no way it would have worked. Whew! It was tough!


I also added pockets to the inside of my bag to hold my sunscreen, water bottle, etc. To do this, I just used the shell/lining pattern piece, shortened them, and basted them together before sewing the side seams. The pockets are lined and finished with oilcloth trim. You can see where I conducted my surgery at the bottom of the bag. It actually doesn’t look too terribly bad, but who is really going to see the bottom of my bag anyways?


I totally forgot to add my key clip until the bag was completely finished. I really really really wanted the clip, because I could never find my keys in my old beach bag, so I stitched it down hiding my stitches in my topstitching.

poolside tote 2

I really love my new beach bag! While I’ve yet to officially use it at the beach, I can tell you it also makes the perfect park/picnic bag. I packed it up with my picnic blanket, computer, water bottle, a snack, and Piper’s water bowl to write this post at the park (thankful for my parks free wifi). I love that I don’t have to worry about the ground being dirty or a drink spilling in it. It’s also the perfect size to fit everything I need in it!

I was offered a pattern of my choosing from Indie Sew as part of the Indie Sew Blogger Team. All thoughts and opinions are of course my own!

Happy Home Blog Hop


Hey everyone, back so soon right?!? I told you guys I had quite a few fun things planned to share with you before summer comes to an end! Today, it’s my turn to share my project using Sew Caroline’s new Happy Home fabric collection!


Our home is definitely my happy place, so for my project I wanted to sew something that is a vital part of what makes my home my happy place. Who doesn’t love coming home from work and putting on your favorite pair of sweatpants?!? When I walk through my door at the end of the day, my first step is giving lots of kisses and hugs to Piper (my husband isn’t home when I get home) and my next step is getting out of my work clothes and into some sweatpants!


My sweatpants are of course the True Bias Hudson Pants. I’ve already made a pair of these for myself, 2 pairs for my mom, and went ahead and cut 2 more pairs out for myself when I cut these. Do you think I might have a sweatpant obsession?


For this pair, I decided to give eyelets a try instead of sewing button holes for the drawstrings. I think I should have added a little more interfacing, because they seem a little flimsy with the stretchy knit fabric. I really like how they look though! I’m also really loving the cropped version paired with this bright “summery” fabric!


For my fabric, I chose Table Flowers Knit in Rainbow. I think this fabric makes the sweetest pair of sweatpants. All of my hudson’s, including my 2 currently waiting to be sewn, I have used Art Gallery fabric for. The quality of their fabric is amazing. It is super soft, does not fade or pill, and the recovery is so good that I can wear my sweatpants for days and you would never know the difference (don’t judge). Despite the heat, I’ve been wearing my new pair around the house ever since I made them. I just can’t help myself, they really do make me happy!


If you guys have been following me for awhile, then I’m sure you know how much we love our fur baby, Piper. She is a huge part of our happy home!


Anyways, enough about me and my love for sweatpants for today. Make sure you check out these other lovely ladies’ Happy Home projects!

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Sewlebrity Sewalong and Giveaway!

I’m back again! Surprisingly soon, right?!? Well, I’m back so quickly because it’s my turn to share my project as part of the Sewlebrity Sewalong! What’s the Sewlebrity Sewalong? It’s a year long sewalong featuring projects from the Just for You: Selfish Sewing Projects from Your Favorite Sew Can She Bloggers. This book was written by Sarah Markos of Blue Susan Makes and Caroline of Sew Can She. The book is available in both paperback and electronically and includes 24 projects, such as aprons, bags, skirts, a dress, etc. Lots to choose from! For my project, I sewed up the Night Circus skirt, which is a six-gore skirt with a side zipper.

night circus skirt 1

The Night Circus skirt is meant to be sewn using bottom-weight fabric, which I surprisingly didn’t have readily available in my massive fabric stash. I ended up finding this great floral denim at my local Joann. The examples in the book actually show the skirt panels sewn in alternating fabrics. I couldn’t find any bottom-weight fabric that would work for this, but the black and white version in the book looks super cute!

night circus 2

Since I chose to use all one fabric for my skirt and I chose a busy fabric, you can’t really see the panels clearly in the pictures. I promise they are there though! I’m not sure if it has something to do with the panels, but this skirt is super figure flattering. It made my bum virtually disappear, which is really hard to do!

night circus 3

The skirt was a quick and easy sew and is perfect for beginners. Based on my hip measurement in the sizing guide, I chose I size 4. The skirt ended up being huge in the waist. I probably took in about 3 inches out of the waist and 1/2 inch out of the hips. I actually just took the skirt in at the sides seams. This is definitely not the correct way, but I was feeling pretty lazy. I should have taken a little bit out of each gore at the waist; however, you can’t tell that the side gores are narrower than the others, unless you go and measure them!

night circus 4

I really love my new floral denim skirt! I can really picture wearing it to work with a button up or simple navy blue top or really any color since denim matches everything! Now for really fun part, you can win your own copy of the Just for You book to sew up your own Night Circus Skirt, or any of the other 23 projects that fit your fancy! USA residents can choose between an electronic copy or hard copy. Don’t worry my international followers, you can enter to win an electronic copy! The giveaway will end Sunday at 12:00am EST. It’s summertime, so we are keeping things simple today (and rafflecopter was being to frustrating for me to deal with). Just follow my blog either through bloglovin or right here and comment below to enter! Good luck!

Mercer Tunic

Hello everyone! I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer! I sure have, which I why my blog has been so silent for so long! Sorry! I do have quite a few blog posts planned for the rest of the summer, so this won’t be the last your hear from me for months again.

Today I’m sharing the Mercer Tunic I sewed up the other day.


The Mercer Tunic was designed by a “new to me” pattern designer, Whitney Deal. I “googled” her and it turns out she designs wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses! Her work is beautiful!


The Mercer Tunic is described as “a loose-fitting tunic with gathered front and back yoke and a button-up front placket”. You’ll notice my placket doesn’t have buttons yet. I currently don’t have any buttons in my stash and I really have no idea what kind of buttons I want to add to it. Any thoughts?


I was between an XS and S according to the size chart, so I decided to cut a small. The tunic looked huge on me, so I ended up taking it in a ton. If you are between sizes, I would recommend sizing down, since it’s so loose and “flowy”.


This was my first time sewing this kind of button placket. I found Whitney’s directions very thorough to complete the placket and I’m pleased with how neat my turned out. The pattern is rated intermediate and I would agree due to the placket. The rest of the top was a breeze to sew!


I like the Mercer Tunic, but I’m not sure I’m in love with my fabric combination. I used liberty scraps for the yoke, placket, and bands, which is a perfect match to the green fabric I bought at Mood on our NYC fabric shopping trip. Maybe it’s the combination of the stiffer lawn with the drapey fabric? After uploading the pictures, I have also decided I don’t like the green fabric with the color blue of my jeans. They are just too blue with the green fabric and are really clashing with the beautiful shade of green.


I was provided a pattern of my choosing as part of the Indie Sew Blogger Team. All thoughts and opinions are of course my own!

Natalie Top by Liola Patterns


Happy Wednesday everyone! I have a great spring top to share with you this evening. I actually made this top for selfish sewing week, photographed it, wore it a couple of times, but have yet to blog it!


This pretty dotted top is the Natalie Top by Liola Patterns, purchased from Indie Sew. This was my first time sewing with Liola Patterns. I found the directions thorough and the top came together easily. I sewed up a straight size small, made no adjustments, and am very happy with the fit!


My favorite detail of this pattern is the rolled up sleeves with a button tab. I knew I would only be wearing this top with the sleeves rolled up, so I didn’t even bother with the button hole. This does make the rolled up sleeves a little harder to adjust and iron after I wash it, since they are permanently rolled up, but no biggie!


I purchased this fabric from Jones and Vandermeer a year ago, but just hadn’t found the perfect project for it. It feels similar to a cotton lawn, but maybe a little less crisp. I love this fabric and it’s perfect for this top, but boy does it wrinkle like crazy!


I will definitely be wearing this top again very soon for Me Made May. Are you guys in? I’m so excited! I’m planning on wearing one handmade item every day! I’ve got lots of new projects that I’ve been waiting to share with you for the month of May. I’ve also just been really lazy about taking pictures. I’m hoping once May hits I’ll be inspired to get my finished projects photographed. See you in May!

Disclosure: I was provided a pattern of my choosing as part of the Indie Sew Blogger Team. As always, all opinions are my own!

Etno Blog Tour

Etno Blog Tour 1

Yay, it’s finally my turn to share my project for the Etno Blog Tour! I’m thrilled to be part of the blog tour and so excited to share my completed project with you! I was lucky enough to receive my favorite design from the collection, Shore Remains Trinkets, and even better, it’s a knit. I’m obsessed with Art Gallery knits!

DSCN4567 DSCN4580 DSCN4578 DSCN4576 DSCN4575 DSCN4569

I had originally planned on making a tunic length flowy top with my fabric, but that was back at the beginning of March when it was still cold and dreary outside. Well, as you can tell by blooming Azaleas in my pictures, spring has definitely arrived in Charleston. It’s been here for the past few weeks with temperatures already in the 70s, 80s, and even 90 for a couple days! I just couldn’t bring myself to make a top that I couldn’t wear until next fall/winter. This change of plans really threw me for a loop and I spent way too long deciding what to make instead. What you are seeing is actually a pattern mash-up of two Tessuti patterns, the Brigitte Top and the Lisa Dress. I recently sewed up both of these patterns and they both have design details I really love about them. I love the bateau neckline and fit of the Brigitte, so I used that pattern for the upper bodice. I then took what I love about the Lisa, the contoured high waist, and I’m in love with the combo! The top was supposed to be quite a bit longer, but the back ended up way shorter than the front for some reason, so I had to even up the front. I was pretty bummed at first, but the shorter length has really grown on me. I need to figure out what I did wrong, because I’ll definitely be making another “Brilisa”. I love how this mustardy yellow color looks with my fatigue pants. I really could not be happier with how this top turned out and am so thankful for the opportunity to sew up this beautiful fabric as part of the Etno Blog Tour!

Did you see the amazing pillow Lori shared as part of the tour yesterday? So awesome! I can’t wait to see what AikaMaku has to share with us tomorrow! Head to Pat Bravo’s blog to check out all the posts!


Deer and Doe Bruyere

Well I’m stuck at home on the couch with the flu, so I guess now would be a good time to catch up on my blogging! You might have caught a picture of my Bruyere a couple of months ago on Instagram. I promptly took pictures of it, have worn it quite a few times, but never got around to blogging it!

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